Twin Flames Realigned By Kundalini

Twin Flames Realigned By Kundalini

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Podcast company 642 are Stacey Piedrahita and David Oliver, who turned aligned during a kundalini awakening. David also …

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  1. Twin Flames are real but it is no guarantee you will come together or unite after all. Its a journey for yourself and only yourself and for every individual its a different trip. Just let the other be in freedom with who ever they want to be, because it doesn't matter….. Its your journey an with who ever you end up with, is just plan b… After all it is the personality of the other you have to deal with.

  2. In 1979 or so hen I was near 12 years old I picked up a book from the literature section of Super-X because it looked interesting as what I thought would be a sort of slightly scary thriller sci-fi sort of novel…. I was very wrong and it ended up causing a spiritual catalyst in my being. It was Ruth Montgomery’s Stranger’s Among Us and this book was the first encounter with info on woo and this book focused particularly on Walk-Ins. I was never the same after reading that book.
    Just wanted to say I love your podcast and thank you Jeff and Mara for being a portal of energy lifting conversations that help the world question everything yet open their heart more and more.

  3. I have a dear friend who was bringing me out to the country to see his new home. Along the way we stopped to he wanted me to meet someone, the instant l met her we bonded our lives were so parallel it was spooky, I actually never made to my friends farm till the next day lol She and l have had a 40 something year platonic love affair, whether she is my twin flame or not l don’t know or care we made a Sacred Contract before we incarnated. My deepest wish would for everyone to have such a friend in this weary world❤️❤️