David Discovered New Amazing Abilities After Near Death Experience – 38

David Discovered New Amazing Abilities After Near Death Experience – 38

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This Podcast Guest is David Ditchfield. He is a near-death experience (NDE)-influenced artist, composer, and creator. In 2006, he was dragged below a dashing prepare in a freak accident. As the surgeons fought to preserve him, he experienced a profound NDE. When he woke up in hospital, he experienced acquired astonishing new talents. He uncovered he could paint remarkable paintings of what he had observed in the Afterlife, far further than any creative potential he experienced just before. He then learned he could compose classical music, acquiring in no way obtained any education. To this working day, he simply cannot browse or create a solitary be aware of musical notation, and still his debut NDE-impressed symphony, The Divine Light, was premiered at a sell-out orchestral live performance to a standing ovation. He has since composed further classical is effective which have also been premiered at market-out live shows and done in excess of 40 paintings.

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  1. Wowsers!!!!!! Neat story! I haven't had a near death experience but in meditation and sleep I have created symphonies but it wasn't like sitting down writing, it was like all the sounds of the instruments were in my control and I could change the sound at will. It has only happened a couple of times. But was incredible. Jeff you're so awesome! Thank u ! !!!

  2. The art world is mostly an extension of the academic world. Souls aren’t permitted into the corral of ideas. The curators and professionals around it seek people with degrees from institutions that support their network.

  3. David says his vision of God was not religious-like because God didn't take the form of an old man
    Well in no part of Christianity are we told God looks like an old man. Jesus was a man because he was God on earth.
    I get the feeling David just wants to push Christianity further away for some reason, it doesn't make sense. But yet at the same time he welcomes the pandemic and Lockdowns in every interview Iv heard him in. Very odd

  4. If you don’t have a “religion” Satan is eager to give you one. Alas, the price is high because you become demon possessed and your only hope is to trust Jesus Christ and receive the Holy Spirit. Otherwise demons will continue to possess you and drag you with them to the Lake of Fire.

  5. So, David, are you willing to give up your chance at eternal life for a slightly better mortal life? If you trust Jesus Christ, any supernatural abilities will cease, but your future will be glorious. I feel so sorry for you because I understand how difficult it would be for you to realize you’re demon-possessed.

  6. Thank you! I’ve become interested after my friend died and then haunted everyone for the next year. 2020 was a real wake up call for a lot of people and we look deeper into it by coming here. Thanks

  7. We meet again Jeff , my grandsons have all grown up watching you and your sons nerf wars fun Fabulous interview and love Mr Ditchfield , a beautiful soul ❤️ also your awesome channel @jeffmara