They were shown the TRUE reason for this life | Fireside Chat with Near Death Experiencers #2 Part 2

They were shown the TRUE reason for this life | Fireside Chat with Near Death Experiencers #2 Part 2

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They ended up demonstrated the Genuine explanation for this everyday living | Fireside Chat with Near Death Experiencers #2 Aspect 2

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This is Portion 2 of our 2nd Hearth CHAT! Today we are joined by Karen Thomas, Anastasia Wesselink Moellering, Jacob Cooper, and Jeff Olsen!
Watch Portion 1 right here:

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Part 2:


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Anastasia Wesselink Moellering:
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  1. I appreciate each experience when I listen to NDEs, however I am always wondering about the discrepancies in these experiences. For example, the gist I got from these 4 esteemed guests is that of unconditional love regardless of our actions. This seems to be the predominant view of most experiencers, however, some like Howard Storm (and others I've heard) seem to say that it matters what we do and believe.

  2. Hi on my Facebook I write a lot of spiritual things I never had it near desk experience not as I know of and I just started listening to near the death experiences because my dad died but if you read my readings a lot of my readings are exactly almost what people say they experienced in heaven and I had no clue about near death experiences or anything so if anyone wants to check it out and maybe give me some input on my writing my name is right there from Long Beach California David Carnes check it out let me know what’s up where did I get all of that from the Holy Spirit tell me or did I have a near death experience and don’t even know it and it just comes out of me from with me I would really like to know Thank you and God bless everybody

  3. I believe Karen has a good description of the division in different experiences. It seems that division is trying to prevent love and working together. It's something like the dark side works hard at keeping us all divided even with simular interest/experiences.
    Anyway, this is a heart felt discussion and I appreciate it.

  4. Everything that you guys said the last couple of days is 100% true. Even though my NDE was quite different everything said here resounded with in me. All I can say is that I love you all very much and that even though I’ve never met you, you have helped me to continue to process my NDE!!! I love you all and God bless!!!

  5. This group of amazing people are so in tune with each other and compassionate towards one anothers experiences. I want to ask if this group would ever take these sessions on the road to share with others?!?! I'd attend it a million times over….love listening to the group, extremely fascinating individuals!

  6. That was FANTASTIC!!! I'm 63. At 21 I endured a long, painful, lonely crisis of faith. I spent decades seeking wisdom, studying Comparative Religion. I became profoundly Agnostic. The core issue of my life has been love and grief, especially with animals. The NDE community has given me the closest to something like faith that I haven't had in decades. Sincerest,deepest gratitude for bringing these noble souls together. Peter Panagore is right – our strength grows exponentially when we're together.

  7. What an inspiring conversation. I know all of your stories as I've listened to all of you in different occasions. Jeff Olson in person more than a few times and his story is more than supernatural. All of you have taught me to live and love fully. I'm not fearing death or life all together because of my learnings from your profound stories. I'm so grateful that the Universe has given me the gift of IANDS and people like yourselves to deepen my understanding of what we truly are and because of it I can live more fully and more importantly I can share with everyone so all together we can make heaven on earth

  8. Hiya, The more I watch such podcasts – these ones are top notch BTW, the more I can relate to it. However I didn't pass out, so I haven't been diagnosed as being in a coma as per se. Does an NDE always involve a coma? I personally experienced a mental breakdown, it was called a brief psychotic disorder that resulted in a hospitalization each time – I had it twice. I do recall everything in detail, I couldn't describe it here as I already mentioned it and it'd be very lengthy. Do do NDEs always result in comas? Can it not be a 'mental coma' or a 'burn out'? Cheers for your great content. I no longer follow religion nor religious podcasts. Kudos to you!

  9. Fabulous group, awesome insight! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm so glad more and more NDErs are coming forward to share their experiences and perspectives. I wish I had access to this information at the time of my own unusual experience following my brother's death when I was a child.

  10. Did I miss your opinion on ABORTION (in one of your videos; if yes please tell me which one)? I would love for you to share your thoughts on this very real subject. I had a recent personal experience, with someone I had once loved, going through the torment of thinking there was a choice to make it all go away (the biological father abandon her immediately upon knowing she was pregnant). She called me daily in duress with many people encouraging her to take the action of ending her baby's life (even her own mother). I listened, advised and constantly told her I would never approve, but I would not condemn as I explained the wonderous joy she had waiting for her in a few months if she just embraced the miracle in her belly. I felt like I was battling darkness daily in trying to save the baby's life and her sanity (now and the future). She chose life and tells me daily now about her daughter who kicks her belly and her excitement at what is to come. It was a dark period for 2 months while she was in turmoil and now I feel the light of GOD is shining in her. I would love your thoughts on the subject as you seem very willing to take on just about ALL subjects. Thank you)

  11. It’s been a very difficult two years for everyone as a society and personal life experience. I am sad to hear of the mass shootings, especially when so many young children were killed. The racist attacks on Asians and blacks are worse. How do we overcome all of this? My own family is dealing with mental illness and work people are not peace loving. I sometimes wish I could move somewhere else.