The Secret to Encouraging Communication from Spirits

The Secret to Encouraging Communication from Spirits

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Afterlife Television set Bite-Sized Episode: Ever desire you’d get additional–or at the very least 1–interaction from your liked 1 in spirit? You may enjoy this episode pulled from the vaults wherever Mary has so a lot of Right after-Death Communications from her son in spirit that it begs the issue: What has Mary carried out to motivate so numerous signals and messages from him?

Melissa joins me in this episode and hits the nail on the head with the response to that question. Mary’s daughter also has an amazing experience that I’m certain many of you have experienced. General it can be an great illustration of how to get your loved ones in spirit to connect with you, and Mary’s example presents the various ways that can come about. Take pleasure in the present!

Hugs and really like, Bob Olson and

PS, Pics in video furnished by sweet Melissa.

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  1. I have had quite a few communications with my family that has crossed over… the first one was when my Nannie passed … I was headed home to go to work the next day and I had read to my Nannie the night before … my dog Sarah was in the passenger seat … I stopped at a red light and Sarah growled and came by me and wouldn’t go back to passenger seat and kept looking at the drivers seat … when I got home , I got a call from my Mother saying my Nannie had passed… I think she got in the truck with me when she crossed over… we were very close… after that someone let every one of my 3 dogs in … when the door was locked …freaked me out when the first one happened… me and the two puppies had ran and gotten back in bed because it was cold and Sarah wasn’t ready yet … in a few minutes , I heard something in the hall and it was Sarah … I checked the door and it was still locked… I had a wreck in my mom and dads van 1month before my mom passed … I hit a concrete culvert and flew through the air 50 ft … while I was pulling a Starsky and Hutch , I felt my dad was in the passenger seat … He was there , I felt him. After my mom crossed over my truck inside light would come on and go off when an Elvis song would play on the radio,. My Mom was born on Elvis’ birthday… there are quite a few more times that I have heard from them …

  2. I got a message which I felt inside me, as clear as anything that I’m getting a dog. About about two days later, my daughter rang me to ask if I would take in a dog. It was no longer wanted by a previous owner. I said ok yes. He’s the sweetest loveable dog ever. His name is Bruce. He’s my second dog. My first dog died in April two years ago, I was heartbroken and I thought I’d never have another dog again. I’ve had him over two weeks now. I feel very blessed!

  3. In my experience Dream visitations are quite different from common dreams. The first are like HD images, the colours are extremely bright as super realistic, and the people in it appear with a special glow around them, at an age of splendour ( 40 or 50 years) even if they passed away as old people. The details are huge, you feel as if you could touch them, like it was 3 D. The message I got was that they were fine. Not to worry about them. And yes, it is unforgettable.

  4. Bob, thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing to bring comfort to people in despair, and those grieving the loss of a loved one.
    Leslie Flint was a psychic medium who lived in England. He had the extraordinary gift of manifesting the voices of those on the other side of life. It is called "Direct Voice". He worked with a spirit guide, the soul of a young boy called Mickey, who introduces each spirit.
    In case you have not heard of him, there are some of his recorded sessions available on Youtube. They are truly remarkable and convincing evidence of the afterlife. You will find many of his recordings at the following web site.

    The Leslie Flint Educational Trust

  5. I really identified with the comment at 9:30. My Dad died 4/18/2020. I was sleeping at my mother's, because we were going to the hospital to visit Dad in the morning. At 3:45 am, I shot up from sleeping when the phone rang. I went to the phone, but it wasn't ringing anymore, so I listened to hear if my Mom must have picked it up in her room, but I didn't hear her talking on the phone. At 4:00 am the hospital ACTUALLY called to tell me my Dad died. I looked at the call log on the phone, and we never did get a call at 3:45.

  6. I've had 2 dream visitations, one with my mother, one with my ex-fiance. I knew the weren't regular dreams because of their clarity and almost physical presence. What I recently realized was that there had been a third one about 30 years ago. My beloved dog and constant companion for 17 years came to me one night, alive, young and tail wagging. To this day I remember being overjoyed and rather astounded at seeing him. I kept saying, "Where have you been? I thought you were dead. Look at you!" He looked at me with that doggy grin, sat at my feet, and wiggled with delight. He wanted me to know he was all right–better than all right–he was perfect! I'm crying right now as I write this. It is so wonderful to know he is still with me in spirit and that we will be reunited some day. My Ollie was the greatest love of my life.