Pronounced Dead for 20 Minutes – What He Saw and How it Changed His Life Forever

Pronounced Dead for 20 Minutes – What He Saw and How it Changed His Life Forever

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See the Comply with Up In this article:
Scott Drummond shares his awesome experience of what he felt and observed when he was pronounced useless for 20 minutes. It is a quite particular and tender moment in his lifetime, a minute that dramatically altered the rest of his lifetime endlessly. He has made a decision to share this story now due to the fact of the gatherings of the world pandemic, the corona virus / COVID-19. He hopes to help all of the people today struggling and wanting to know about what will transpire to them and their loved ones. 

Observe the journey and assist Wesly in all his function to impact the planet with positive media:

Thank you for watching and sharing, particularly to people that have been impacted by COVID-19.

The Prioritize Your Lifetime series highlights experiences from amazing individuals to encourage us all to dwell a improved lifestyle. A existence the place we are targeted on what really issues. Let’s leave this environment with no regrets.

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Pronounced Dead for 20 Minutes – What He Saw and How it Transformed His Existence Forever (Share with these impacted by COVID-19). Near Death Experience.

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  1. Life is so confusing when you think this time he will be ok he will be happy after 14 years of stroke Graham become joyful exited I thought God has answered my prayers I didn't know he was leaving ..12/6/2022 I feel so confused

  2. I'm 50 this year but when I was 8 years old I drowned and had a full out of body experience just standing there looking at life guards pull me out of the water my lips blue and thinking that's fucking me what's going on ,as I looked around I saw the people around the beach rush over but no one saw me .then I saw my brother come over with his friends all looking shocked but still no one saw me ,after what seamed a long time I felt a push and the sentiment of your not done yet son , my ancestors had pushed me back and then I was looking up at the life guard and coughing up water and as I looked to were I was a second ago their I saw a woman ,old and frail . Some years later I found a photo of her my great great grandmother who pushed me back .

  3. My Dad passed away 5 years ago. He had alzheimers. One night shortly before he passed he relayed an experience to me about someone coming to him and just like you they spoke to him through mind. He said he could smell and taste this exoerience. Now he wasnt of sound mind but I typed word for word what he said. It gave me such a peace. He used alot of the same wording you used. Thank you for sharing. I feel like I got confirmation on things I already felt.

  4. Most of us have done things we are not proud of, things we would like to have not done, or do differently.
    When we get where he was, we will all go through the same thing and have to face the actions of our life, and hope that god is truly as forgiving as the Bible says, and I think he is. Because if not, none of us would ever make it beyond this life.

  5. In 2007 my 38 year old brother passed from Cancer. 2 days after, I had the most intense and amazing dream. In my dream, I was in a hotel room with family, preparing for the funeral. I was standing off by myself and felt a tap on my shoulder…I turned around and it was my brother. Noone else could see him but me. He hugged me and said "I'm okay, sis"….and then he was gone. I woke up in tears but felt so much comfort. I just KNEW he had come to let me know he was with our Lord and he was okay.

  6. I lost my precious son Aiden 9 months ago. He was with me 23 years here on earth. The pain is overwhelming and I still can't except that this is real. Aiden had mercy and left grace. I had a tiny chuckle thinking about him not being able to deny wrongs that we don't know about. He always took responsibility so it wasn't hard for him to do. His attitude would have been just like this man's. Sure miss my baby.

  7. So that nurse killed him bc she never trainer on the tourniquet? Ya. Somehow I doubt that highly. You're also not gonna be conscious during a life threatening surgery. He could pull away. He could freak out. Any number of things. He's lying.

  8. I just want to burst your bubble,all you know is a lie,lets just start where Jesus said on the cross before he died that Father father why have you forsaken me,Thats not True at all,he said Eli Eli Sabachthani which means this is for the Saboth keepers.Xoza im born speaking Xoza i know what Eli Eli Sabachthani means,But the main point he wasnt speaking Hebrew he was speaking Xoza on his last breaths.If you google what it means in Xoza google will tell you this is for satan but thats not what Eli Eli Sabachthani means.

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