Near Death Experience: Talking with Angels

Near Death Experience: Talking with Angels

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C. Thomas Perry (Colin) was acquiring some heart difficulty and in just a few months, though doing work in his garden, he felt a substantial cramp in his chest. He then heard a voice telling him that he was likely to die. He did. All through his near-death experience, Colin located himself floating in darkness. He started to worry and as his anxiety grew, he commenced drifting downward into an abyss. He cried out to Jesus. Quickly, an arm grabbed him and pulled him upwards to heavenly realms wherever he experienced a fascinating discussion with angels.

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  1. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Thomas for sharing his experience, for bringing  us messages of future events on our planet, albeit disturbing. But God added a comforting word to us: MY PEOPLE WILL BE PROTECTED.

  2. A beautiful message, "we are created to love and be loved". I especially like how he reconciles Christianity with Spirituality, "we are multidimensional beings". His admonition to talk with angels and even with Jesus is echoed by the evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann. Thank you both for this interview.

  3. Is it just me?…The idea that the Lord is willing to lose Thomas to a possible fate worse than death if he goes back just really bums me out. I could not hear something like that and still feel safe to return. I love Jesus, but I abhor this eternal conflict of good and evil…who is good? Stress! hahaha! No really, I suffer daily over this kind of thinking that is still my own. How does one adore Him so much, as I do, and make it possible to imagine that anyone could be lost? Sigh. And then cry.

  4. Julie is beautiful!
    What an amazing experience he had. The part at the beginning feeling himself descend sounded very scary. Hoping when it’s my time I have family to help me over.