Angelo Dilullo – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Angelo Dilullo – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

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At the age of 24, immediately after many years of powerful inner struggling and an instinct that one thing about the way we interact with our ideas will cause a great deal of avoidable suffering, Angelo had a basic change in the way he experiences truth. This was a pervasive transformation and was life-altering at every amount. It quickly became obvious that ideas, and the way they “paint” our experience of ourselves, time, and house, are basically unreal, a little something like ghosts. What changed this earth of assumed, battle, and struggling, was boundless clarity and intimacy with all quick textures of phenomena. It turned apparent that this is basically the normal state of points and that it is accurate for everybody, even if there is some distortion in experience prompted by views.

It grew to become exquisitely obvious that suffering is unwanted between people and that any human staying who has a legitimate yearning to wake up to their accurate mother nature has the capability to wake up to this boundless (non-separation) dwelling truth of the matter. This led to the writing of the ebook, “Awake: It truly is Your Turn.” The reserve is a mixture of useful suggestions to assist everyone who is on this pathless path, follow ideas and inquiry recommendations, and direct pointing (transmission) by language.

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