She Went To A Waiting Room During Her Near Death Experience – Lynda Colter-Bergh 341

She Went To A Waiting Room During Her Near Death Experience – Lynda Colter-Bergh 341

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Podcast visitor 341 is Lynda Colter-Bergh. Lynda has experienced several NDE experiences because of to a coronary heart halting about many periods in excess of a 6 week time period. Throughout her near death experience she was in a waiting around room.

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  1. Another interesting account. I'm not sure what to make of the small lady telling her there was a spear through her from a past life. I'm somewhat wary about the literal truth of past lives, though I don't close my mind to the possibility.

    I'm more interested in the choice event as represented here and in other cases. It's actually a thing that troubles me about NDEs quite a bit. Is the choice real, or is it just made to seem real according to a set of justifications or perceptions within the experience? Here's what I mean: it isn't REALLY possible to make a sensible choice on whether to "stay" or "go" without actually knowing what you're getting into, and in detail. Lynda said she wasn't allowed to know more until she made a decision. But that's a catch 22: you couldn't possibly make a (fully informed) decision unless and until you knew more…a lot more. I'm sure there was an instinctive feeling to want to stay, on some level, and this probably informed the decision, but as with most NDEs, there isn't really a graspable account of what we are going "to". Even those experiences which feature groups of people drifting around in a heavenly, park-like setting don't really tell you what "life" is going to be like outside of the physical, especially if we don't have bodies. What exactly are we going to do if we don't have bodies? What does that life actually consist of? IS it a life, even, or is it just a state of being? A state of formless love perhaps? But it is difficult to see why an earthly life full of particular, physical trials would be necessary for a formless state of bliss. I think the subject of Near Death Experiences is now at the point where it is best served by asking more searching questions, Jeff. I don't mean that you should interrogate people like witnesses, just that the same memes show up everywhere without much accountability ("earth is a school…we are here to grow and evolve" etc etc). Maybe that's true and maybe it's not true. I do think there is something astonishing and true happening with NDES, especially at the core or back of them. I am less sure about the particular content of them.

  2. Thank you for interviewing Lynda. I loved listening to her tell her incredible story. I can agree, "be careful what you ask for". I know I'm here to experience everything… All the ups and all the downs. I'm in it for the adventure. And I'd like to say that Lynda looks so familiar to me. Is she from California? Thank you again!

  3. I believe she went to a waiting room because she is slow at responding to things and likes to think a long time before making decisions. I am hyper and make decisions really fast. I don’t need a holding room. Lol I think God knows what you need and what your use to and what your comfortable with. It’s a custom experience for each person. I jump right into things. Some people don’t need lots of time thinking about things. I also think some people are too cautious about things! Live life! It’s short!

  4. Wow she described her experience so well. The dark energy she’s talking about reminds me of the discoveries scientist are making about the universe and that everything came from or comes from a dark energy source that we still do not understand completely. Also, I noticed she’s wheezing slightly and wonder if she might have asthma. Perhaps she was having asthma attacks (airway closed) and stopped breathing long enough to stop her heart. Anyways, what an amazing detailed description!