She Saw Her Soul Group During Her Near Death Experience

She Saw Her Soul Group During Her Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience guest 824 is Nevena Vujović from Montenegro who during her NDE noticed her father on the other facet.

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  1. The principle of free will is allowance. The law of attraction is allowance. The only thing that is unconditional is allowance. The sole yet infinite source of potential is allowance. The simplest thing in the universe is Yes, the simplest thing to do is allow. How do we keep on skirting this pervasively obvious axiom? The most important and valuable thing to understand is the first thing. The absolute first and fundamental principle. Why isn't that coming from the other side?

  2. Sometimes I let this get to me when I hear them say they're told 'It's not your time', because I think then why in the hell couldn't you say that to my sister? Why did it have to be her time?
    It makes sense but depending on my emotions at times it may change.

  3. Very lovely, womanly European lady. It was interesting to me what she said about repeated experiences until you learn. Three-four Individuals close to me, including the closest, each passed over, two before my eyes, under extremely confusing circumstances where they should have been helped from a sudden illness or internal attack. Help was called for, but either the help was sent back, or others didn't want the help to arrive out of infamy. One was poisoned with 4.5 times the amount of a medicine than anyone can tolerate, in a nursing home; or they were callously sent home from a hospital with weak medicine, as if no one understood to take care of the person, and they were found to have died alone. I was calling for help but those who were passing themselves off as nurses and doctors were not; they were fakes and hired to fill in for little pay. I am wondering if I am to go through more experiences such as this because I haven't understood if there is a mission for me in this. Maybe I was to be a healer and completely take charge, but then allowed myself in a way to belief there would be help though more and more I tried to take charge, and was blocked even more.

  4. Ive glimpsed other comments. Totally agree ……such an honest sounding women. An advanced soul if you ask me. Yes I'd love to see Nevena come back again. I could listen to her all day long too. Gary from Seaton in Devon UK

  5. Hello everyone,I had a little problem,several messages came to my FB page,but somehow I have erased them by accident. I would like to answer to all of you who have questions, therefore please send it again. Thank you all who had contacted me already,I feel honoured!!!!

  6. I would have listened to her for hours, and i see reading the comments I’m not alone in thinking this. Many of what she said is exactly how I think and feel. Great guest, be interested to see if you can or will have her back again. If she has more she wishes to share

  7. haha the thing about nitrates in meat is true. because meat is a carcinogen.. it's a carcass.. quit shipping in the morgue. dont eat out of a coffin. cruel, stupid and yuk. like zombies.. free yourself.. free the planet of this scourge and sin.