After Dying From Severe Trauma He Saw 7 Light Beings!

After Dying From Severe Trauma He Saw 7 Light Beings!

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Podcast visitor 509 is Rod Rieder. In the course of his near-death professional he noticed landscapes and light beings. Rod Rieder’s NDE experience was from Critical Trauma from a tumble from peak at his do the job sight as a Longshoreman. Rodney expert likely into the void and then thru the light and witnessing numerous exceptional experiences from landscapes to Light Beings while remaining lifeless on this facet for 50 percent hour with no professional medical resuscitation. He was sent back again to explain to his experience 5 yrs in the past

Rodney Rieder is a lifetime “experiencer” with a long time of provider to many others that has led him to getting a qualified Alaskan fishing guideline, from profits assistant to starting to be Senior Area Merchant for Cabela’s Inc, to getting to be a Merchant Mariner driving via both of those serene and turbulent near-death waters. His passions and goals have arrive forth and manifested into actuality as he has opened himself to God’s Divine Program via these ups and downs of existence. Rod Rieder who in the course of his death experience from Severe Trauma from a tumble from height at his perform sight as a Longshoreman. Rodney knowledgeable going in to, the void and then via the light and witnessing numerous one of a kind experiences from landscapes to Light Beings even though being useless on this facet for 50 % hour with no professional medical resuscitation he was sent back to tell his experience 5 yrs back.

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  1. I really enjoyed listening to Rod. A nice chap. And I did laugh when he said about people who say 'R.I.P.' (or type it as a comment) especially when they are supposedly spiritually educated. When people say to me, such and such has 'died' I sometimes have to stop myself laughing because really, it is 'lucky' them!! Even with my brother I just said to him (mentally) when he 'died'… 'what a cheek, going home before me, when I'm the eldest!'… I know he would have laughed – 'down here' and in spirit life. I also loved Rod say about 'be happy' because that is like my sign-off comment on lots of emails or Facebook comments. So, Be Happy.

  2. The Parthenon! Since I was a child I've had this vision of being someplace like the Parthenon, being part of it somehow, like a priestess or priest or something, looking out over a beautiful valley, feeling protected and wise and happy. It always felt like a memory, rather than a dream. That memory prompted a deep fascination with Greek Mythology starting around first grade. I then found out much, much later as an adult I coded during a surgery to remove a tumor from my neck when I was a toddler. So I have for some time thought this memory is a memory of the other side from an NDE or from a past life. Hearing him say that in this video gave me chills all over!

  3. 18:00
    I agree with him, his evolution is further. I got that inkling when he first began his experience. He's developed throughout other lives and is here for higher frequency work for those that are on their own path (As we aren't better or worse than anyone, we're all on the same path, we've just chose different routes). His energy is to heighten the over all energy of this world. Correct the balance of our Earth's frequency, into a harmonious one.
    If I'm explaining this clearly.

  4. A life is one life too many, the older i get the more i can seriously understand why spirits avoid the light, why go back to source, where we end up getting handed another meat uniform, and are send back to this spinning turd called earth! i would prefer to stick to the earthbound spirit realm, because that way, you cab at least avoid crap like family, childhood and the rest of the dull shit we engage in before death!

  5. Those doctors did a great job! What a beautiful experience.(At least the spiritual part.) And it must be making you a very strong person to climb such a difficult mountain with your physical body. I had a near death experience and part of it involved Greek looking pillars.

  6. I'm not sure my mother is in that same happy loving place after her death a couple yrs ago…she was a narcissist & always manipulating & doing bad things…i was there when she died & she was screaming at the top of her lungs at deamons that were coming to take her away until she had a massive heart attack & died. I never really believed in hell until that day