I Died And Met Some Kind Of Counsil Of Spirits | Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died And Met Some Kind Of Counsil Of Spirits | Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. "Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you are the true Son of God and that you died on the cross to rescue me from my sins, death and to restore me to heaven to be with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. I choose now to turn from my sins, my selfish ways, and every part of my life that does not please you. I choose to serve you and I choose to give my entire life to you. I believe in you. I believe you are the way, the truth, and the light. I accept you into my heart, into my soul, and into my mind. I choose to serve you and to receive your love and forgiveness. I ask you to take your rightful place in my life as my Lord and Savior. please lord of lords and king of kings come reign your peace, love, and happiness into my heart and into my soul. fill my heart and my soul with your love and your life, and help me to become a better person who is truly loving and trusting —a person like you. Please cleanse my mind, body, and soul from the demonic entities that have been tormenting me my whole life. may the blood from your sacrifice wash my sins away and restore my mind, body and soul in your name Jesus Christ. allow me to Live, Love, Learn and grow through you. please bless my soul in your holy name, the heavenly father, and the holy spirits name and help replenish the strength of my mind, body, and soul in your honor. Thank you, God of the Holy Land and the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen".

  2. Yeah, the repeated refrences to "black males" is just wrong and seems like it might violate YouTube standards. If the attackers where white, would the race be mentioned at all? No. Because its irrelevant.

  3. 6 months after my father passed away I had a dream that I was on the other side and when I looked to my left and to my right there were giant balloons colorful blocking what I can see. when he saw me he was jumping up and down like he thought I died and why l'm I here . I didn't answer him but I told him he was familiar to me and he reached his hand out and I can tell he had on a white garment but I also had a white garment but I was ghostly and he pulled me to him but our hands never met. Then a crystal pink and white veil came down and divided us and I woke up. I always wondered if that veiled did not come down would I die my sleep.?

  4. Thank you for sharing I'm sorry you had to go through that scary situation, although you had a beautiful experience with the NDE but I'm sure you had to be filled with fear of the unknown while it was all happening to you and your family God is good and he gave you a second chance at life I'm glad everything worked out for you thanks again

  5. Thank you for sharing. Jesus Christ, Yeshua Is Our Blessed Hope, Our Salvation.

    Jesus Said:
    John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
    John 10:28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
    John 10:29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.
    John 10:30 I and my Father are one.

  6. LOL, we just call that 'the council' on the other side, it's the group that plans your life with you before you come, including your guides.

    By the way, I don't have a near-death experience, but I have a pre-life one, would love to discuss with somebody who also had a pre-life one, or who had a near death one.

  7. Allah be praised! The deal was vague. No detail or specifics. Why is that? If there is a job to do it should be clear and well defined or the contract is of no value. This is a poor NDE account.

  8. I don't know. Council of spirits? Description of Black guys being bad. Almost sounds like what some LDS used to believe. Your dad nonchalantly says you're going to die, so you can play with your gift. Later, he declares your experience a dream. Why would he do that? You never say White police officers, doctors, etc., however you mentioned Black guys who wanted to harm both of you and a Black security guard who didn't believe you.

    Bottom line. Everyone knows how dangerous it is to make a falsehood concerning GOD. So that is between you and HIM.