She Encountered a Goatman During Her Near Death Experience – Angelique Wesner 288

She Encountered a Goatman During Her Near Death Experience – Angelique Wesner 288

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  1. Angelique, having your legs caught by something is how you are spiritually, something has "snared" you in you're life here that you have NOT been able to shake off, leave religion it won't save you, Go to Jesus, download a bible and read it, pray and ask the holy spirit, to help you find out what "shackles" you bcz something is still there, and you need to find out what it is and deal with it "Get Free of It" ,

  2. It hurts my heart to hear you won’t leave your house. You were given your life back to live. I hope one day soon you’ll live and experience your best life. ❤️ I hope you visit your family and feel amazing connections. I feel you can touch so many souls in such a positive way with your soul if you allow it.

  3. Such a beautiful testimony, I pray that someone leads her through the sinners prayer, letting her know that we MUST BE BORN AGAIN, St.John 3:3 and that JESUS CHRIST IS THE WAY, St. JOHN 14.6, and St. JOHN 3: 16, God loves us, and my dear sister it's not by our works, it's by our faith in God, His Grace and His Mercy, believe, repent, ask and receive Jesus Christ within your heart, they that call on the name of the Lord Jesus SHALL BE SAVED, FOR ALL HAVE SINNED, Romans 3:23, WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN, St. John 3:7, I love you my sister, go to a bible believing teaching church and get them to help you find your way into the kingdom of God our Father.

  4. Just some constructive criticism. You do a lot of what they call in a courtroom, leading the witness. In other words I stead of just letting them talk, you sometimes answer you own questions, and give your own explanations. I know you are the interviewer and want to be involved, but there must be a vague line between asking and leading, not always easy to see where it is, and it gets my "goat" (ha), when you go too far.

  5. As she admitted, she had been on the wrong path, therefore I believe this obe was presented to her as a fork in the road choice to make a decision to lead a more spiritual life. The goat man was from the lower planes of existence on the other side whether you want to call it hell or a lower astral plane of darkness but anyways of a negative nature and the Sun represented Source/Light and as she was between the two it was representative in my mind that she was given that choice to make in order to change her life otherwise it was almost a foretelling of what may be in her future if she did not change. I'm not so sure this was a true nde as people usually come back from an nde in a positive mode with lack of fear of dying. I do send her love and light to rid herself of that fear so that she does not attract negative entities and with the change in her manner of living that she has made now, that fear should not be present. There are plenty ways that we can die in our home so don't limit yourself to being homebound, when it's your time to go you will go without pain and into that brilliant light you saw.

  6. I feel God Divine wanted to show her that she is loved and that she should change her ways. so now she is living the path that God created for her. remember in life everything that happens is to the grow us to become a stronger and better people. our love ones that leave us are always there watching over us 24/7. remember God wants us to spread the love., so live and spread love to everyone around you.