Dr. Cramer Was Clinically Dead For OVER 14 Minutes, Had a NDE and Obtained Psychic Abilities!

Dr. Cramer Was Clinically Dead For OVER 14 Minutes, Had a NDE and Obtained Psychic Abilities!

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This Podcast’s visitor is Dr. Lynda Cramer. She has been a psychic medium from start. In 2001 she was clinically dead for more than 14 minutes and experienced a near-death experience. Because waking up she received entire psychic skills. In the course of her near death experience she had a are living overview and fulfilled a spirit tutorial.

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  1. Years ago my daughter had a friend sleep over. In the morning they both told me about waking up to blue dots or balls of light hovering near them. I asked them to each go in separate rooms and draw what they saw. I still have one of the cards 35 years later. They drew what this woman is talking about. Blue white balls of light with lines coming off each like rays of light.

  2. I've found that karma is instantaneously .
    The stealers think your stealing the haters think yiu hate them the ones tgat can't be trusted don't trust anyone
    I was a good looking playboy in my 20s
    Now 40 years later all I want is my x wife to be happy.
    How many times would we slap our child across the face for not learning how to walk yet
    It's just learning
    Even saints have to learn to love themselves take care of themselves and put themselves first and they usually attract their opposite to be used and abused.. this is not easy stuff…. NDE 2008 DEAD THREE MINUTES

  3. This by far is the Best nde story /video I've ever listened to. Fantastic!! I've already looked her up on Facebook and Google! Thank you for all your work you do Jeff!

  4. I killed a lantern fly today. So according to her I should have let the lanterns lie live even though they eat up all the trees in Pennsylvania because now I got to feel the pain of that lantern supply getting squashed. Oh hell