Saved By An Angel – Near Death Experience

Saved By An Angel – Near Death Experience

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Podcast guest #186 is Raynard Hannah. Raynard experienced a near death experience and he went into the void. In advance of he experienced his NDE experience he was saved by an angel.

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  1. Just listening to this makes me realise so many things. I’d thought about ending it all .. but Raynards story made me think more about not doing it. Reynard no matter how bad it gets in life material stuff is not important your life is precious buddy

    Keep the faith

    Jeff I love your YouTube vids they have given me strength and faith in humanity where I was once not able to find any
    Peace and love brother

  2. There was an interesting painting at a museum in Eugene OR, painted about 300 years ago by a mediator; I think Korean, that was intended to be a map of a spirit realm level. This assertion that you have to know where you are going reminds me of that painting.

  3. Raynard thank you so much for sharing your story. We all have our struggles and you have been through alot of difficult times in life. God loves you and gives you Jesus's righteousness. He clothes us in white garments. What you said about us being clay in the hand of potter is so true. We can trust Him to make us into the person He wants us to become.

  4. Wow I feel an immense compassion and love for this beautiful soul. Raynard you are just simply a beautiful soul. Please look up Joel Goldsmith he was teaching the Bible the way you never hear in organised Christianity anymore. His tapes are on YouTube. Mega tonnes of love to you from your Heavenly Father.

  5. when I was young around 10 my dad caught me crying in my room with a switchblade to my heart. He later told me about a time when he was 14 and tried to shoot himself with a shotgun barrel in his mouth. The gun also jammed and he also recognized it as divine intervention….On another note, what you said about living with suicidal depression is like living with a leg blown off is forward-thinking and your thoughts about addiction. there are a lot of people struggling with addiction because of severe ptsd. Some of the most empathetic people who feel so deeply and can not deal with the emotional abuse. for anyone with this illness, it's debilitating but you can still serve. If you can't feel the love now be sure you will feel the love from the others you have helped once you go

  6. Hey Raynard: I see TWO spirits about you in this video!! Neither of them make you "DARK!" First are your drawing a witness to your ,if on this earth, your bodily samples! The second and most important one is your spirit hanging over the doorway!!

  7. Love this guy, his honesty about his behaviour and the stupid things we do when young, he comes across as a tough nut, yet he's so sensitive to spirit and clearly very creative. I'd love to meet a man like that, all the downside would be worth it for being with someone who has that connection to spirit and sensitivity.