“I was weeping non-stop” Indian girl finds Jesus after Hindu marriage

“I was weeping non-stop” Indian girl finds Jesus after Hindu marriage

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Jaya Jeevan was born into a Hindu family in India and she was raised as a Hindu. She went to a Catholic college where by they had 1 course about faith. She really didn’t know nearly anything about religion but she uncovered a Bible in her desk and study it secretly without the need of her family’s expertise. She frequently prayed to Jesus, and Jesus was her ideal good friend. When her family found out that she was looking at the Bible her older brother threw it out of the dwelling. Jaya later on married a Hindu man and was married in the Hindu tradition, but with out her in-regulations know-how or consent. She chose her husband above God and her relationship with Jesus. Jaya and her spouse inevitably moved to Texas. She experienced a great task and a beautiful young daughter, but she was incredibly depressed to the position of being suicidal. She tried out everything to crack cost-free from despair. It was so poor that she couldn’t snooze at all. Instantly she was pressured to go back to India to clear up her perform visa concerns. Leaving her spouse and daughter and go again to India was a awful experience and she could not quit crying. Even though in India, a good friend advised that she meet a woman named Deepa Srinivas who could pray for her. Jaya went to hear Deepa talk. Her information that working day from the Bible was about returning to Jesus…you will want to watch so you can listen to what happened as Jaya listened to, and been given, this information of real truth!

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  1. It's quite tough because the way the British ruled the country. They put a wrong face of Christianity. They were thieves in short and their religion was Christianity. So this perception has come out of it. But the Lord is greater than all of this. He's a pure holy Lord. And its a tough thing to explain this in India here because of few bad people who set wrong examples.

  2. Jesus told Christians to pray for God's Kingdom to come and for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, Matthew 6:9,10! God's Kingdom is a heavenly government ruled by Jesus Christ as King. Soon Jesus will bring beautiful changes to the earth. There will be no more death, pain or sorrow on earth, Revelation 21:4,5! No more wickedness on earth, Psalm 37:9-11! After Armageddon the meek will inherit the earth and live forever on it, Psalm 37:29; Matthew 5:5; Proverbs 2:21,22! The earth will be cultivated into a Paradise like God intended in the beginning, Genesis 1:28; Isaiah 55:11! Jesus will do on a grand scale what he did when he walked the earth including raising those who are asleep in death, John 5:28,29! There will only be one government over the entire earth forever, Daniel 2:44! Jesus said that this good news of the Kingdom would be preached about in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come, Matthew 24:14! Can we believe these promises from the Almighty God? Of course we can, NUMBERS 23:19! Psalm 83:18; Isaiah 42:8!

  3. Christian Bible say, Jesus is man and serving as mediator between God and Humans.

    1Timothy 2:5

    "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;" This verse clearly says, Jesus is man, and appointed by God Almighty, as Mediator between God and men, as all previous Prophet were also Mediators between God and men.

    My Christian friends please accept Truth, follow Jesus, and please please do not accuse Jesus for falsehood, he never claimed.

  4. God wants me poor. he takes away all my drive. I do not care about money .a dn i am so sick of this world becasue I have no need for money. I hate the ideal of money. the ideal of money is evil. God does not care about us if we dont have any money. sure, then if we have money he loves us? I hate money. i hate the thought of money, i hate this world because of money. money should never have been designed. we should be more important to God than money

  5. Weird people….what is even testimony…. Girl go to a counselor first….you are depressed… Have some trauma….then you can follow whoever you want…hope indians can do CAA( no.conversion forcefully soon)….

  6. Find it difficult to understand why God has set up such an unequal race ..to heaven or to "burn eternally in hell"..by giving them just one lifetime..people on earth are unequal physically, materially, socially and even spiritually.
    Also I don't understand why God set the trap for the first woman he himself created..by tempting her with the forbidden apple…and treating the thousands of generations that followed as "sinners"..who will be condemned to the fires of hell ..if they don't follow a particular faith..which incidentally has so many sects and denominations….most of them with ideas conflicting with each other… If a human was to set such rules for people..he/she would be considered a wicked demon or worse…I just don't follow the logic behind this …hypothesis….