Near Death Experience: Artful Evidence

Near Death Experience: Artful Evidence

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David Ditchfield had a horrifying freak incident in 2006 the place he was dragged less than a speeding educate. As he misplaced blood and the surgeons desperately fought to preserve his life, he experienced a deeply profound near-death experience. When he woke up from operation, he recognized he experienced acquired astonishing new creative qualities, which includes the means to develop vivid paintings and compose strong classical music. David’s debut symphony, “The Divine Light,” expresses what he felt all through his NDE. The symphony was premiered at a sellout concert and obtained a standing ovation from the audience. He has considering the fact that composed further classical is effective, premiered at sellout performances and proceeds to enjoy painting. His guide, Glow On, which tells his remarkable story, is out now.

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  1. Amazing nde experience. I don’t know why and it’s odd but when David started saying about getting his coat caught in the door of the train – I thought oh this is odd – I’ve heard this recently, but I can’t recall where ?

  2. I have also heard about the non tensing up as it relates to drunk driving. I have heard that many drunk drivers also do not tense up and that’s why they tend to make it out of the accidents (they have probably caused) alive. Not sure how true that is but I have heard that..

  3. In 2000. There was just one book on NDE's.(That I knew of.) 'Embraced by The Light.' After YouTube came to being, Thousands. As a teenager years ago. We used to ask, 'Wouldn't it be great to come back after death and tell everyone what' it's like.' Here we are, they're coming back by the thousands. Do YOU, really think these are caused by Demons & Devils? What else is there?
    1: I'm Hallucinating.
    2: I'm being deceived. (Demons & Devils?)
    3: It's real.
    4: …? What is it? I'm not the brightest bulb, but I'm going where all the Love & Light is…See ya there or not!