Near Death Experience: Awakening of a Neurosurgeon

Near Death Experience: Awakening of a Neurosurgeon

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Dr. Eben Alexander was an educational neurosurgeon for in excess of 25 a long time, like 15 several years at the Brigham & Women’s Medical center, the Children’s Clinic and Harvard Healthcare School in Boston. His near-death experience woke up him to a truth additional authentic than this actual physical actuality, wholly transforming his overall worldview.

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  1. I love that science is coming around and backing these experiences as truth. I really loved at the end, that he addresses animals. How can we evolve to a higher consciousness while destroying our planet and torturing animals? It is in complete contrast with that goal. So glad he mentions that.

  2. At 28 I was already meditating since I was about 15 and was into Eckankar and comparative religion in general. I was, fortunately, living with my brother who came home one day and heard a knocking noise which, upon investigation, was me bashing my head into the wooden floor of my bedroom in seizure. I was in a coma for a week with Pneumococcal meningitis. A bit of brain damage, mostly evident in my speech, probably lost about ten points off my IQ, Not a lot of profound recall of my NDE, only a scene where I was doing some form of programming involving shifting colored cubes around. Woke enough after a week in what I perceived as darkness to wrestle the respirator out of my parched mouth. Thought was WTF, someone jammed a plastic model car into my mouth?!