NDE, Oneness, Love, and You Matter

NDE, Oneness, Love, and You Matter

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Jeffery Olsen briefly discusses his near-death experience, oneness, and adore and his son, Spencer Olsen also delivers some uplifting views.

About Jeffery C. Olsen
Jeffery C. Olsen is a bestselling creator and shifting general public speaker, inspiring audiences internationally with his intriguing stories of perseverance and inner toughness. In 1997, Olsen professional a horrific automobile incident that took the lives of equally his wife and youngest son.

His latest e book, “Understanding” outlines the lessons learned from his near-death experience (NDE), as result of a horrific automobile incident which took the lives of his spouse and youngest son, also inflicting various lifetime-threatening accidents to Jeff including the amputation of his left leg. Olsen is a bestselling writer who inspires audiences internationally with his intriguing tale of perseverance and interior strength. https://www.envoypublishing.com/

This online video is an exert from a more time 2020 On-line Convention presentation. The whole video clip will be posted in the up coming number of months.

ABOUT IANDS IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation with a mission to advance an being familiar with of near-death and relevant experiences by means of research, education and learning, and assist. We visualize a long run in which all persons embrace near-death and connected experiences as a supply of that means and inspiration for a improved planet. We believe a near-death experience can remodel an individual’s daily life, impact the sciences, and embolden modern society. The International Association for Near-Death Scientific studies, (IANDS) engages in much extra than research nowadays. IANDS has users from about the globe. We invite you to contemplate getting to be a member of IANDS. To discover a lot more about near-death experiences, check out https://iands.org.

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  1. Yesterday the book arrived and today I've finished. I can't remember the last time I was cryin so much but not only because of sadness. It touches you on so many levels. Holy lord. Wonderful book, wonderful people (the living ones and the living ones in other realms) ❤❤❤

  2. Just because you make it sound good doesn’t make it true. You basically trashed the Bible . You don’t get to rewrite the Bible. The devil shows up as an Angel of light. Exactly how you deceive broken people .

  3. 6:55 Dictionary definition of Gift ''a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.'' implies unwelcome/unsavory gifts too, Someone who is burned alive with all their limbs chopped off in Africa is certainly not appreciating their life. it could be that a soul is here to experience life good or bad different things like being a skilled manipulative politician and thats it, learning is always automatic. its not so simple to tell people to their face that ''You Matter''. I'm not sure why people get so hopeful from videos like these from the limited perspectives they and I have. and this could be all for the expansion of our soul no matter how dumb or messed up an individuals life could be. makes me ponder if Spirituality and Nihilism are actually two sides of the same coin and that's not me denying spirituality in any way. it seems like there is just love on the other side and that seems nice enough eh

  4. Jeff, you and Spencer are real gifts to this tired, old troubled world. I never tire of hearing your story…because each time I hear it, you've drawn new, compelling lessons from this tragedy. Much love to you both!

  5. More helpful overall than his initial presentation at the time closer to the accident; lots of wisdom packed in this presentation from both the father and the son that was saved- wisdom that we all can apply to our lives to grow as spiritual beings and to help others along the path of Light.

  6. The beautiful thing that has happened in this pandemic is that in the UK at least it has given so many the desire to give Love ,selfless love, to so many who needed kindness help and comfort . So many have realised the connection you mentioned between us all and they have responded in a magnificent way . I am pretty sure that there are unsung hero’s the world over and it took a pandemic to wake us all up to what really matters.

  7. Thank you for your comments. It must be wonderful to have such deep assurance. I often wonder why we are not all given this knowledge, this knowing.. Would this then not change us all? I think for most people it is not that we do not choose love, it is that we live with anxiety and fear. Many have so little to live on.. Food, shelter, and have to face fear daily.

  8. I've been in the black void. It was amazing. I saw no other entity. I sensed I was there only momentarily.
    After Death Communication has become my obsession since the death of my beloved parents. I know they've visited. I believe I have video proof, because I cannot debunk it otherwise.

  9. People need to read Alien Interview (or listen to the audio version here on YT), published by Lawrence Spencer. In my opinion, there's no way people are seeing "Jesus" or "God" when they crossover. What about the NDEs from other cultures, other religions or from atheists? If you tell me "each person sees their own messiah", then I reaffirm they're all being lied to, in the worst case scenario, in the worst possible moment when all our senses become primordially expanded, I do believe we're all immortal spiritual beings and I am an atheist (read the book).
    According to the book Alien Interview, the pilot describes "The Light" as a "trap" to force the immortal spiritual beings to re incarnate, perpetuating the cycle in a prison planet.

    The false civilizations in our past, the absence of advanced civilizations visiting us (because of a risk of being trapped here), the fact that humanity is completely vulnerable to brainwash from advanced technologies without even knowing all point to the conclusion that unless we develop our technology even further to unmask these lies, we're going to continue repeating the same cycle, that we've been probably repeating for thousands, even millions of years here on planet Earth, until we finally wake up.


  10. A great video with great information about life after an NDE. I love what Spencer said "What if we are cells in the body of God?" Have you heard of the book "The God Code"? I also think that God is in our very cells, and I know from my own NDE that you never have to get God up to speed! He KNOWS whether we are telling the Devine or not! This book by Gregg Braden says God's ancient name is coded into our very DNA! We are connected in a way that is profound and a little overwhelming, but love IS the answer, and that is what I found in the LIght, nothing but love! We need to live this truth everyday, that love is what needs to guide our lives here. Thank you for your books and video's, that can reach so many. Your making a difference!

    ……….by A. W. PINK

    ***Love is the Queen of the Christian graces**

    It is a holy disposition given to us when we are born again by God.

    It is the love of God shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

    True spiritual love is characterized by meekness and gentleness,

    yet it is vastly superior to the courtesies and kindnesses of

    the flesh.

    We must be careful not to confuse human sentimentality,

    carnal pleasantries, human amiability and affability with

    true spiritual love.

    The love God commands, first to Himself and then to others, is

    not human love. It is not the indulgent, self-seeking love which is

    in us by nature. If we indulgently allow our children to grow up

    with little or, no Scriptural discipline, Proverbs plainly says

    we do not love them, regardless of the human sentimentality and

    affection we may feel for them.

    Love is not a sentimental pampering of one another with a loose

    indifference as to our walk and obedience before the Lord.

    Glossing over one another's faults to ingratiate ourselves

    in their esteem is not spiritual love.

    The true nature of Christian love is a righteous principle

    which seeks the highest good of others.

    It is a powerful desire to promote their welfare.

    The exercise of love is to be in strict conformity

    to the revealed will of God.

    We must love in the truth. truth without love is not truth!

    love without truth is not love!
    Love among the brethren is far more than an agreeable

    society where views are the same. It is loving them for what

    we see of Christ in them, loving them for Christ's sake.

    The Lord Jesus Himself is our example.

    He was not only thoughtful, gentle, self-sacrificing and patient,

    but He also corrected His mother, used a whip in the Temple,

    severely scolded His doubting disciples, and denounced hypocrites.

    True spiritual love is above all faithful to God

    and uncompromising towards all that is evil.

    We cannot declare, 'Peace and Safety' when in reality

    there is spiritual decay and ruin!

    True spiritual love is very difficult to exercise

    because it is not our natural love. By nature we would

    rather love sentimentally and engender good feelings.

    Also many times true spiritual love is not received

    in love, but is hated as the Pharisees hated it.

    We must pray that God will fill us with His love and

    enable us to exercise it without dissimulation toward all.