Jesus And An Angel Were With Her During Her Near Death Experience

Jesus And An Angel Were With Her During Her Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor #187 is Patricia Wheeler. Patricia had a near death experience in which she encountered an angel and Jesus. Immediately after her NDE experience Jesus healed her leg.

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  1. Bottom line: She experienced nearly dying several times, but not her spirit leaving her body and going to a different realm (the definition of NDE). She had many spiritual, metaphysical events while still alive. She has a sweet, innocent personality.

  2. I'm glad thru your NDE you were given the great gift of knowing you can put a person's (even a child's) inner self at ease about leaving this world to go to the next. You're someone I'd love to have with me when it's my turn. Thanx Sweet Lady!

  3. I don’t know if it’s Jesus or my Great Grandmother but for almost a decade now a spirit or presence will come and sit with me and I feel it pushing down on the couch or bed. This last time I felt it lean on the bed and pick up the blanket and check on me.

  4. I had a similar experience being told not to get a job after my first daughter was born. It was a firm masculine voice which I recognized to be an angel. Before being directly told I had an overwhelming sense of dread. People thought it was normal feelings mothers have when leaving their child, but it definitely was not. I had planned to have a good career with a stay at home husband and everyone was mad at me.. but you gotta listen to God

  5. I am on a journey listening to this lady, it's brilliant, perfectly counterbalanced my creative process.Edit: Love when Jeff asked 'do you feel that is an important thing to know about your experienc4es?' and she said yes 'knowing that i am being looked after by something bigger than me'.

  6. I absolutely LOVED Patricia! She is so
    honest, sincere, and just lovely! I bet all of her students will remember Mrs. Wheeler the rest of their lives. She is so entertaining! I can assure you, Patricia, there is a Hell, and you and I know it. I can hardly wait to meet you in Heaven! I too believe in speaking with the Holy Spirit, Patricia! Patricia, I just love you. I, too, use to be catholic. Now, I am protestant. Get in a good charismatic church. Those people and children need you. You will find more about God in church. Read your Bible too!