I Died And Was Catapulted Into Awareness | Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died And Was Catapulted Into Awareness | Near Death Experience | NDE

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Have you at any time had a near death experience (NDE), encountered an angel, or frequented the other facet ? If so be sure to send out your tale of the afterlife to us through email, we would appreciate to listen to it.

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  1. Really? why do we need to come thousand of times if wee freely exchange memories with all other spheres? We already and experience all there is to know and experience on the other side. There is no purpose here. God is dead and we are stock here and being memory wiped and being reincarnated here for some nasty reasons! That is my true feeling. Don't bother replying as I do not believe in free will (there is no free will when they can show you what your future is. It is all planned so no, there is no free will. We just have the illusion of free will as we are memory wiped). and also don't tell me about the divine plan. These are the lies we tell ourselves to sooth us because we can not believe we are being taken advantage of (on both sides)!

  2. God/Light is healthy attraction – known immediately. We go towards it without question, upon death. In life, however, we chase after shortcuts. Not shortcuts to God but shortcuts to temporal happiness. Awful to think that the gates that lead to God be so slim and so hidden.

  3. "[I was] a sphere of aware light surrounded by an infinite number of other spheres of aware light. As I experienced this sphere of universal communion, it's an infinite space of aware light that is occupied by all the individual spheres of aware light that ever have, or ever will, exist. As if it were the One Mind occupied by all the individual ideas it ever has, or ever will, conceive. Or the timeless, dimensionless Oversoul occupied by all the individual souls that have ever, or will ever, enter the realm of time, space and personality." Wow, deep. I love it.

  4. Very interesting way of describing ONENESS and the knowledge shared while in it. Thank you for sharing this, I’ll need to listen to it again after
    some thought. God bless!