Gay Man Became Straight After His Near Death Experience – Mark Nelson 434

Gay Man Became Straight After His Near Death Experience – Mark Nelson 434

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Podcast guest 434 is Mark Nelson who through his near death experience went to a darkish spot. Just after his NDE experience he adjusted from being homosexual to straight.

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  1. 'Dark place' – 'glory hole'. Somethin' fishy bout flip flop Marky. IF there is a hell. I will go there and stay there, gladly, and retain my capacity to Love – than listen to this tripe. I am not talking HomoSEXual love or HeteroSEXual or Baboon SEX Love. That's always been the point – it's about Love – whomever, whatever we are created to be – become. I am talking SPIRIT – LOVE ITSELF – THE 'IMAGE' – 'capacity' we all have as human beings to be loved to to love – infinitely, eternally.

  2. Sounds like a trump supporter trying to make a case for censoring homosexuality, using this platform. Wouldn’t be surprised if this account was fabricated…I typically listen with an open mind but this one doesn’t fit the majority of the stories about god’s acceptance

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, Mark. Do you believe your homosexuality had anything to do with the attachment of those evil entities from the very beginning? I mean when you started to feel you were a girl in a boy's body. I'm Nancy and I live in Argentina.

  4. Ridiculous…proves everyone interprets NDE from their own perceptions. Apparently, this guy is so guilt-ridden and controlled by religious dogma. To compare being gay with perversion, dark, gender confusion, etc. is pure prejudice and this should not be allowed on these podcasts as they champion bias and hate against a certain group of people. Shame on you Jeff for allowing the spread of hate on your podcasts. I am disappointed in you and what you are doing here with this filth on Youtube.
    I have lost all respect for you. This is deplorable!! What is wrong with you? It is obvious that you do not have humanity's good as a consideration. God have mercy on your black heart.

  5. @JeffMara. this man’s story is pure homophobia and misogyny. I object to allowing hate speech on this channel. Listen to the words he uses to describe being gay:

    He talks about going “from gay to holy” This would mean that, from his perspective, gay is UNholy.

    I would argue that if there’s a God/Creator who is holy, then all God creates is holy by extension. and to suggest that people who are gay are unholy is blasphemy.

    I get the sense he is using this program to perpetuate an anti-LGBTQ platform and fuel gay stereotypes.

    There are religious extremists out there who make it their mission to infiltrate NDE shows to spread extremist evangelical hate/ propaganda.

    I have watched and read many hundreds of NDE accounts.
    I have only ever questioned the experience of one other guest (IMO, that person had a bad drug trip but was not intentionally misleading). However, in this case, I find myself questioning the authenticity of the story and sincerity of the guest.

  6. I tried to listen to this, I really did. Made it bout 15 mins in and I can’t. I have spent my entire life thinking something was wrong with me and begging God to change in me what isn’t “normal” and I love, Seriously love my Creator. He hasn’t changed a thing. I go to Him all day every day. About every little thing. I thank Him constantly.
    I think He’s saying that I’m ok how I am. He doesn’t make mistakes and He knew all of me and He created me anyway.
    I respect this man’s truth but his truth is a trigger for me. A reminder of all the churches I was never welcomed at. All the “love” and all the excuses “Christians” give to justify mistreatment of others.
    God said our job was to love. His is to judge and Jesus said “it is finished” but even before that He said Love God and Love others.

  7. Pray the gay away? How often do evangelical christians telling us those and more strange homophob stories. Don´t even buy it anymore. Seems like some evangelical people do have evangelical NDE`s – and even their god is an evangelical christian too. Just don´t buy this kind of strange stuff anymore. Thank you to Jeff for the podcast.

  8. People don't understand that while God loves everyone, He hates sin, and tells us in His Word that perversion, greed, idolatry, sexual sins (of any kind) keeps us from the Kingdom of Heaven! If they would read the New Testament and ask God to give them the spirit of wisdom and understanding He will reveal this to everyone.