“The afterlife is SO REAL that it makes this earth appear fictitious” | Near death experience | NDE

“The afterlife is SO REAL that it makes this earth appear fictitious” | Near death experience | NDE

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  1. every time a human see s a bright light or have a NDE its jesus or god….your so fucking stupid my head hurts, YOUR GOD !!!! you have spirit in you, quit looking for a old man with a gray beard …GO INTO DARKNESS UPON DEATH OR THE FALSE LIGHT WILL TRICK YOU. you have been reincarnated for thousands of years. …SOURCE IS NOT A DEMI GOD. "silly humans get a clue…or reincarnated again are you."

  2. The best ever happenend to me . After my near death I am so glad going in to church and watching livestream of my church.

    I love to hug Jesus and confesse every mistake. I hope that he saves my friends .

    I am gently bridging them hope and prairs. I witness.

    Please God I am not perfect help me reach heaven. Amen.

  3. No religion is necessary to have a beautiful NDE. If you are Christian, you will meet Jesus. If not, you will encounter what your subconscious most expects. Then from there, dogma will fade away and the truth shown to all – that "God" is nothing but Unconditional Love!

  4. Jesus Christ is not a religion, but he is God who came to earth as a human being and died on the cross for the sins of all those who receive Him as their Lord & Savior. Have you done that? If you read the Bible, you will learn about these things. Also, the Holy Spirit speaks to the hearts of all people and desires to draw them to faith in Jesus Christ. My wife and I were saved (received Jesus as our Lord & Savior) 50 years ago and have God's promise of Heaven to look forward to. But if people reject Jesus Christ and the Bible, they only have the eternal torments of Hell to look forward to. Remember this, "Eternity is too long for you to be wrong!" In other words, if you go to Hell then it will be too late for you to change your mind.

  5. I'm so glad God drew you to Him. Jesus is the only way to God. I wish everyone knew that. If they would read the Bible, and it doesn't have to be the King James version, God would show them the
    truth. The King James version is also a version written so that in the time they spoke Old English
    the people would understand it better. People now don't speak in old English, and God has led
    several people to write the Bible in the language modern people speak and understand. Just
    remember, the King James version wasn't written and translated from other versions until King
    James of England commanded that a version was to be translated into old English so they could
    find it easier to understand. People who believe it's the only version you should read needs to
    realize at one time it was a new version. I read the New American Standard version and I believe
    it's true to the original versions of the Bible.

  6. I wish physical birth of life on earth includes an ability to see into the next world so everyone knows where they will end up after here

    It sucks that one can only know for themselves upon their demise