How to Use Glove Framework to Reach Christianity #neardeath #podcast #christianity

How to Use Glove Framework to Reach Christianity #neardeath #podcast #christianity

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How to Use Glove Framework to evaluate Near Death Experiences to Arrive at Christianity.

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✅ About Pondering Christianity.

Pondering Christianity is about bringing Christian Apologetics in a relatable and simplified conceptually to the average degree of conversation. Listed here, we make whiteboard videos describing Christian arguments, host interviews talking about unique concerns, and now are household to Afterlife Apologetics, the go-to podcast for every little thing Near Death Experiences and Death Bed Experiences.

We especially dive into Near-Death Experiences, examining them as proof for the afterlife and showing how they expose Christianity as the most coherent explanation for the experience.

Keep an eye out for all the guides that Dr. Steve Miller, my co-host, and I are releasing on the subject, as they will help tutorial you as a skeptic or Christian on understanding and decoding these experiences.

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