After Her Near Death Experience She Started Communication With Angels

After Her Near Death Experience She Started Communication With Angels

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Podcast guest 209 is Susan Walter. Susan had 2 near death experiences. Following her nde experience she has been able to equally see angels and draw them.

Susan’s website

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  1. Once again…another fascinating account.As an animal lover, I would so much have loved to hear about "the animal's side"…am sure we could have learnt compassion from it…Maybe this is the reason i did not so much connect to her account…maybe?

  2. My daughter and I heard angels singing early one morning when we were still in bed .A few weeks later we found out my other daughter was pregnant .It was certainly a message telling us everything was going to be fine we believe .

  3. I'm not sure if I believe in angels, but here's what convinced me the possibility.

    Arms outstretched.

    I was at the park and I found a sign from my best friend. It was a big sign. She had sent me a drawing of 2 cows connected by a heart, my birthday was in the middle, and I saw a girl wearing a skirt smiling with her arms outstretched. It was my best friend.

  4. Angels dont actually have wings. It is the energy radiating from their core outward that looks a bit like wings. Same with halos. They are the crown chakra resonating above the head of the being.

  5. Just had a look at Susan's website being an artist myself and it was interesting to note that in all cases of her angel portraits their left "arm" is longer than the right. Is there a reason for this?

  6. re: the catholic priest: there is NOTHING in the Catholic doctrine that teaches him or other Catholics such B.S. so, that guest is just making his beliefs UP out of his own mind. he is NOT an authority about anything re: angels. I mean. seriously, THINK about it. he could NOT show anyone exactly WHERE in the bible his claims existed, perfectly or even non-perfectly, as true.

    just like Father Malachi, who our beloved Art Bell did not live long enough to learn about that priests horrific crimes..I met one of his victims, btw..who called him OUT to the law & 'Father' Malachi Martin, as it turns out, was one of THE biggest, most dishonorable persons who pretended to be sincere. he gave ALL truly, genuinely, committed Catholic servants a bad name.

  7. Must be the Mandela Effect – I remember the last Hail Bopp Comet siting in 1995 or 1996, too. I was in a house that I lived for only those two years, and I could swear that's when I saw it.

  8. Susan, If what you’re saying is actually true, my plea to you is that you put your faith in Jesus Christ – the real one – and that will banish all the demons that are playing you for a fool, appealing to your pride and your thirst for esoteric knowledge when everything we need to know to assure that we live eternally is in the Scriptures God gave us. Humans are NOT eternal and only through being in Christ by faith are we able to partake of his eternal life. Everyone else will cease to exist when this world ends at Christ’s coming.