Horrific Childhood Cult Survivor has Multiple Near Death Experiences! Max Lowen

Horrific Childhood Cult Survivor has Multiple Near Death Experiences! Max Lowen

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Be sure to take pleasure in my interview with Max Lowen about her journey from horrific childhood to powerful conscious woman, her NDEs, and her depth of knowledge on the reason of lifetime and how we can defeat the evils of the planet.

Big Set off WARNGING: This video clip deals with very disturbing written content. I had to mute disturbing terms in this online video so that YouTube would not flag my channel.


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  1. I love listening to your guests and this channel. Your work is so important.
    This is the first time I have been concerned about the generalizations she is making about “people” and the “elite” and the Vatican, and people of power trying to poison us and take over the world etc. particularly because of the QAnon conspiracy that has caused violence and fear and division in the US.
    Her personal story is very important, as no one can dispute a personal experience, but describing general claims of the “Elite” outside of that without substantiating evidence is troubling? Melissa do you have any thoughts?

  2. The cross symbolizes redemption of our fall into sin. That fall separated us from God. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life, no one goes to the Father but by me. It's clearly stated in the Bible. Please read it. You need to accept Jesus to get back to God. Jesus said if you've seen me you've seen the Father. The Father doesn't need a woman to procreate, as evidenced by Adam and Eve's creation.

  3. I'm curious to know why you are "bleeping" out the words to describe this issue? This doesn't make sense in the least!
    You are deleting the most powerful messages that this precious soul is trying to convey such as….
    Sex trafficking…
    Satanic rituals….
    Who are you trying to protect?

  4. 12:00 I for myself found an answer the source or the Uber God was there since the beginning but the free will create all possible scenarios. The Uber God has only power when ppl connect to him and when due NDE's or NDE like spiritual experience reestablish connection.

  5. yeah the same politicians that told us trump was evil are teaching our children to love drag queens and making them share locker rooms with men, plus the ladies in schools have to compete against men thanks to that theology

  6. I will say this whats done in the dark comes to the light and the World knows about it we see we hear and we are wanting to save the children. They wont be able to hide much longer. And your right we could never truly know what survivors have experienced but our hearts are with you in all sincerity

  7. Elle denonce les tunnels les trains sous le Vatican l’Eglise catholique le fonctionnement de la BanqueColombia l’Argent sale de la corruption
    de viols des enfants enlevés drogués violés lors des rituels sataniques organisé par les Loges lucifieriennes
    Enfin ces IGNOMINIES sont dénoncés en souhaitant que La LUMIÈRE GAGNE sur ses TENEBRES
    Je n ai jamais cru aux Prieres de groupes ni aux chaîne New-âge au canalisations ni aux messes
    Ni aux Institutions cette société est pervertie malade elle est basé sur l’Argent l’Enfant est objetise mondialement
    On peut comprendre le taux de suicide de violences psychologiques infantiles en Europe France en augmentation

  8. Jesus married and have kids with Mary magdelon? He's just an advanced soul?
    Sorry guys but you have to read the Bible in it's entire context and not insert new age/ pagan Hinduism info into your perspective on Jesus.
    However I truly appreciate the exposing of darkness and vulnerability talking about the ritual abuse.