He Watched His Body & The Doctor Like A Television Show During His Near Death Experience As A Child

He Watched His Body & The Doctor Like A Television Show During His Near Death Experience As A Child

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Podcast visitor #369 is Dr. Dan Seda. He experienced a near-death experience at the age of 5. Dr. Dan Seda is an accomplished multidisciplinary performer, psychic intuitive,
Ohorai starseed or “Arcturian” envoy, and writer of quite a few publications. His most
new e book, Chronicles of an Arcturian Envoy: A Starseed’s Journey into the
Terrific Awakening is now offered on Amazon. His memoire, Waiting for Everyday living: A
Cancer Survivor’s Story of Death, Humor, and Enjoy can also be identified on Amazon.
Dan has a prosperous life-coaching corporation named Multiviewing where by he
channels facts on The Ohorai Way from his Arcturian guides, in a 5-
thirty day period application, reworking lives and supporting purchasers through the ascension
procedure. Dan received his PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, his Master’s in Public
Administration, and his Bachelor’s in Communication. He is a member of the
Actors’ Fairness Association and has carried out in several productions across the
state. He ran the 2006 ING-NYC Marathon in less than 4 several hours and competed
alongside Olympic athletes in the 2007 WATA Rose Corridor Triathlon in Jamaica,
West Indies. He currently has his possess healing and performing arts studio in North Raleigh identified as Hub Raleigh in which he teaches piano and voice lessons, nearly and in-person.

Dan’s websites
www.multivewing.com and www.danseda.com

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  1. This was a great interview! Thanks for sharing. Dr. Dan might be interested in Debbie Solaris's work. Her claim is that she is also an Arcturian Starseed that shares her clients' galactic akashic readings. She is also here on YouTube. There is also a plethora of galactic history on her website.

  2. Wow thank you Jeff. The more I watch the less I feel like a weirdo. I too have felt like an outcast even in my own family. My experiences are not as grand as his but it's answer alot of questions I've had.

  3. Hope you make a short version of every NDE story. I love watching them, but it's a bit time consuming having to watch it for almost an hour or so. Having it reduced in length and adding some effects and some videos related to what NDEr describes while speaking will attract more and more viewers

  4. So glad to watch this! Glad he confirmed the light winning! Yes Jeff is a great interviewer! Never felt like I belong here. Yes have followed Exopolitics and Megan Rose! Have heard of the Artemis accords and the Jupiter agreements!

  5. 40:25 he was speaking about a feeling of being in stasis in liquid. This sounds very much like what other "starseed" have said, specifically a woman on YT called Ghosia who says she is a "Tygetaean" from another planet. Rather than saying her soul is incarnated she states she is in an "immersion pod" on that planet, much like The Matrix films, and is projecting her soul into her present Earth body.

    May be the same thing here. Though i suppose in a way we are all "immersed" and partly in the higher realm.

  6. We’re all star seeds stemming from the greatest star, the One and All, which/who is/are the source of all life and everything that HAS BEEN, THAT IS AND THAT WILL BE: Bô Yin Râ’s “The Book On the Living God”

  7. Gaia TV! I've seen a video about a Peruvian skeleton, with only three fingers on each hand! They keep pushing this story as genuine, it has been totally debunked – the little skeleton have been found to belong to a child and it has been altered, badly!
    My posts, sharing the findings about the skeleton had been constantly removed by Gaia!!!
    So, there you go, if you still want to watch their videos, still remembering you only have a certain amount of time left here, then it's ok.

  8. It sounds like you have great comfort and support with your in-laws, but give your bio family a chance. I'm a Christian woman who love all our children with every fiber of my being and I know if any one of them came to me to open up about being part of the LBGTQ Community and about feeling you're part of an other world family, while I'd have thousands of questions about the latter, I'd accept and still love them as to the first. May God bless you and guide you.

  9. Jeff, I appreciate your phenomenal patience and insightful questions. I'm not at all "at one" with folks who need to channel or claim to be starseeds, or play the "misfit" card. I'm not saying these things don't exist, just that to me, they feel more like a "cover" rather than being authentic. There are a lot of Programs out there that infiltrate—and it behooves all spiritual seekers to use intense discernment.