Jeff Olsen – I Knew Their Hearts (excerpt)

Jeff Olsen – I Knew Their Hearts (excerpt)

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See Jeff Olsen on Live Stream (and Video on Demand) Saturday, August 30, 8:45-10:15 AM PDT

Jeff will introduce his new book: Mile Marker 80: Choosing Joy After Tragic Loss

Live Stream full schedule and pricing:

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  1. I believe that God is loving. However, I think this conflicts with the idea that Hell exists. Hell was mentioned in the Bible, Quran, and Torah. So why is there a need for hell if there is and never was any judgment? Many NDE'ers also report being put in a hellish like state after death, in great contrast to Jeff Olsen.

  2. Yes, this is right in line with so many other NDEs! The only judgment involved in the afterlife environment is when we judge ourselves during our life review. Otherwise, it appears to be only loving support from others to help us try to do better the next time around! Cheers.