Spot A Fake Psychic Medium Or Scam Artist

Spot A Fake Psychic Medium Or Scam Artist

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  1. hi, i would like to see a video on how to find an authentic medium, especially if one has no personal referral, or is new to an area, etc. is there a website that has compiled a list of legit mediums (that would be great!) or is there a tried and true pre-internet method of figuring out the authenticity of a 'medium' with a few brief questions? thanks!

  2. but at the moment there are many wannabee mediums in spiritualism they are unable to reach spirit. I am sick and tired of seeing fakes on churches yes there should be no questions. Mediums are faster in energy thatn psychics

  3. When someone believes they have a curse normally has bad things are happening all at once..there was once in my life all these bad things were happening-so someone vulnerable will buy into a curse…of course ten grand can make it go away lol

  4. There are many "curse removal" scams in Los Angeles. Their store fronts say something like "Palm Reading $10". And it's even simpler than what you are describing. You go in, the reader asking you what your question is, and whatever you say, they will look at your palm and then say you have a curse on you, and that's the reason you have that problem. And ask for an amount of money to remove the curse.

  5. I went to one who wanted a $1000 to cleanse me of a curse on me. I told her that i would rather leave wirh the curse than pay $1000 haha. I also told her that her mortgage won't be payed that month if she is depending on me. Hehehe

  6. HA exactly Bob !! U have this one in the bag. Some lady tried to
    tell me I was cursed from a past lifetime and I would have to keep
    coming back to remove it. I knew she was full of it. So, im glad u
    posted this info !!  Many Blessings ~

  7. Hello Just wanted to share my experience today; went to psychic who got me to choose 12 cards asked my full name and full date of birth and where I come from, then scared me about there is spell on me and that its stopping me from succeeding in my life and career, child is in wrong group of people. Told me about that she will charge me $700 CAD to remove the "kala jaddoo" that's exactly she said by using candles and essence stick for next 7 days. When I told her I wasn't ready today she insisted I can pay her $300 today and the rest by next Wednesday. I really wanted to run away from there but I had to pay my reading charges $25. I am horrified by this experience. Thanks