Extended Interview with Jane Thompson About Her Near Death Experience (NDE)

Extended Interview with Jane Thompson About Her Near Death Experience (NDE)

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I chat with Jane Thompson about her NDE (Near Death Experience), and what it felt like to die.

Jane’s NDE: https://youtu.be/xUwxhAxWHKE

Jane’s Web page:

:00 – Religious Before NDE?
1:31 – What Was God Like?
3:46 – How Has Your NDE Adjusted You?
6:08 – Provided a Choice?
7:40 – How True Was it?
8:28 – Lifestyle Evaluate
9:01- Despair
9:44 – Mediumship Experiences
13:50 – NDE After Consequences
17:50 – Is Reincarnation Authentic?
19:26 – Why is Lifestyle so Tricky?
21:32 – Views on Manifesting
23:55 – Call Facts


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy hearing NDE and consider myself as a seer with prophetic gifting. May I share the thought or consideration of prophetic terms rather than mediums. God wants us to draw universal things toward Him and connect with the sourcing of His realm rather than the alternative. There are many schools of the prophets and learning about our Creator. Amen thanks! Hey

  2. I believe her testimony, but keep in mind, she never reached her final destination. The Bible is the absolute truth, and we will all be judged by our works in this life, which is in accordance to scripture, which says: (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

    "Know ye not that the unrighteous (those who transgress His Law, the Ten Commandments) shall not inherit the kingdom of God (which is ruled by His Law)? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate (homosexuals), nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God." (Emphasis mine)

  3. @19:33 you talk about "God" allowing us to suffer. You also talk about young children and how "God" seems almost masochistic. Without going into a spiritual lecture, there are a number of things wrong with those notions in your clip. First, you cannot truly know the light unless you also know the dark, you cannot truly know love unless you know grief, which is the absence of love.

    Second, you speak of "God" as if it was some sort of separate entity, which it is not. You, we, them, those, they and it are all one. This is the fundamental error in all contemporary religions, i.e we are separate from "God"; "The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within beings," Erwin Schrödinger. Funny enough, that is what science has been telling us for the last 122 years. We, all of us, are aspects of a single, unified consciousness, and the entity that you call "God" is, like us, only one, single aspect of an even more vast and infinite consciousness.

    Since each of us is, at our root, "God", it follows then that each of us has played our part in deciding what we wish to experience or achieve in our lifetime then if "God" seems masochistic, placing the blame at the feet of "God" is completely misplaced blaming of oneself; it's blaming person X for person Y's choices.

    I'll stop there. Given the nature of your channel, the interviews, the subject matter and all the research you must have conducted, I'm very much surprised that you wonder about the death of children or the apparent masochism of "God".

    PS: I quote "God" because I don't like that word. It carries far too much religious baggage. The term is resplendent with other people's unstated assumptions.

  4. Organized religion is a mess I’ve been a pastor in a different state for 3 1/2 years I did not like the organized hypocrisy about it but that never change my belief in what Jesus Christ on the cross for me he died in my place and rose again three days later and that’s what I have based my belief on not going to a building not saying I’m a pastor but believing what Jesus Christ did it on the cross if you wanna know what Christianity is go to first Corinthians15:1-4 that is what will get you back to where you were and go on into heaven not organized religion or buildings or getting wrapped up in the mess of religion of mankind

  5. you may not read this as its a while ago. but if you want to understand more about why things happen to people, spiritualaty, i urge you to match Michael Mirdad , he is a spiritual teacher, has a service on Sundays, you will be amazed.

  6. The problem, as I see it, is the subconscious acceptance that something or someone has the "right" to "send you back". That is a very religiose way of thinking, and leads to an authoritarian type universe very quickly. I can sense this lady's sincerity, but I'm not sure we're really any closer to a satisfactory answer on the "choice" question. Moreover, if it is really a choice, I should know exactly what pertains to each limb of that choice. Under THAT circumstance, I could almost imagine coming back, but then it isn't really a choice either. "Okay, you have a choice, but if you choose to stay little Danny won't have a mommy and will drift into a life of crime and despair." Hmmm…well, since you put it that way. But then, what is "Danny" doing here either? It's just not that good an excuse. If it is really a choice we should know what lies down each limb or path and exactly what the contexts and consequences are. Just a booming cosmic voice that says "YOU MUST GO BACK" or whatever is just authoritarian nonsense. This also relates to why the choice isn't transparent. The "talking to a child" metaphor is too simplistic. I can still explain to a child why they shouldn't touch a boiling hot kettle. I struggle with the issue of what we are doing in such an unpleasant world if life over there is so beautiful. Either we aren't being told the whole truth, or, we aren't being told the truth at all, or, the truth cannot be understood by human beings. You take your pick among that group of course…but each of those are problematic in their own way. I know some people will say this is over-thinking things. Actually, it is all said more from instinctive feeling rather than thought.

  7. Thanks Alan.
    These videos are comfort for those who have had an NDE. After my experience 2 years ago, I tried to find more information on the subject. That of course lead me here. But I really wish there was a place like… lets say The Department of Near Death Experiences that I could go to for answers, or at least someone to talk with. As you can imagine, it is usually the most profound experience a living person can have. Maybe there are no answers forthcoming, and it is us, the NDE people who are the experts on the subject.

    Family and friends mean well, but they can be just as skeptical as strangers. Its a lonely path to find answers.

  8. @19:26 the question around life being so hard, and the issue of children/animals – these are the things that bother all of us. I'd really be interested to know if anyone has found better answers in the NDE material to these issues.

  9. I really appreciate these interviews and sharing of experiences, I strangley find myself envious of them having that NDE leading to the insight of the afterlife and what our life here is for.
    It's incredible, how wonderful to have the truth.

  10. Why are the comments turned off for the video where the man refers to trump as the “angry man” ??? And praising Hillary Clinton??? What a load of bollocks!!! The comments are on for every other video but not for the angry man!!! So Hillary Clinton and her murderous deeds make her ok but trump the only president NOT to start any wars, made the economy thrive, is an “angry man” ??? No wonder you turned the comments off, us normal people have enough of propaganda shit on mainstream media, let alone having it on a near death video too, I’ve seen it all now!

  11. @7.53 I'm a born again Christ believer 30 years ago. I never really questioned whether reincarnation was real but years later God told me I had been these other people in different lives & so now I believe in it. But so far every 'Christian' I've told this to rotely says, without asking God, that's not true, it's not in the bible & even say its demonic so I've given up saying it. Over the years I've read the Bible & there are indications that belief in resurrection of the soul back into the earth existed preChrist times. Even in the Apocrapha there are hints to it. I believe it maintains church power structure that's why it's been resisted, even demonised. Bless.

  12. The few times I have gotten crazy high off of weed where I have this crazy high power energy coursing through my body, lots of problems with electronics… Right at the moments of peaks, of certain thoughts… minutes later when I am feeling less intense everything works like normal again… My wife has a lot of emotional energy, she has so much more problems using the same equipment that I use without problems… Hard to verify, quantify…

  13. Manifesting has nothing to do with being a "good" or "Bad" person. It is about what you believe, either consciously or subconsciously. People that are perfectly lovely can have negative belief systems that they are unaware of, but it is never the less, creating part of their reality. Same goes for negatively oriented people.This is a good example of cause and effect (hermetic tradition). However, the more you try to know god, increase your ability to love others, practice being self reflective, and so on, you will find yourself getting assistance from life.

  14. Shaman Oaks, when you said difficult to assume it's Jesus, well in a way I agree. But, clearly, Allah and Yahweh and the Hindu gods etc., that's all God, you know. Just differing interpretations. I think it's quite reasonable for a Hindu to see the Being of Light and say well it was Vishnu, whereas a Christian would say it was Jesus of Nazareth or a Muslim would say it's Allah or a Jew would just say God. They're all saying that it was God. 🙂

  15. To know the true living God you have to know Jesus Christ. Jesus said no one goes to the Father but by me. If you know the Son of God then you know God. Christ laid down his life and died for our sins on a cross as our sacrifice for our sins because of the love God has for us. Believe in the sacrifice of Jesus and spend your new life serving him who gave his life for us and rose again. You won't have to be scared about dying because Jesus already died for us, alone and scared beaten and rejected in our place.

  16. I was not given a choice either. But HE(a masculine, very firm energy (I ‘knew’ who was but wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly but that sense of familiarity – my guide!) told me, “You can’t stay because you didn’t do what YOU SAID you were going to do.”
    A friend of mine, who knew my story, had an NDE a year later. In her case, she wanted to come back because she felt immense guilt. But the presence told her she was refusing to do what SHE SAID she was going to do. And in that case, ‘they’ didn’t see the point of her staying on earth and were going to pull her back!!