He Died and Learned “There is Only Life. There is no Death.” | Jacob Cooper Near Death Experience 2

He Died and Learned “There is Only Life. There is no Death.” | Jacob Cooper Near Death Experience 2

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He Died and Acquired “There is Only Daily life. There is no Death.” | Jacob Cooper Near Death Experience 2

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This is Element 2 of my interview with Jacob Cooper about his near death experience!
Look at Component 1 listed here: https://youtu.be/QDEv0ul8QiI


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  1. "Universe" means "one turning", not "one song". I've been seeing this meme pop up and it's just false. The "verse" part is as in "inverse", "converse" (which I believe is where we get "turn of phrase" from), "reverse", and "diverse". The origin of the word "universe" seems to be from the idea of turning everything into one thing, so maybe a better etymological translation is "what you get when you turn everything into one thing". The relationship between music and "verse" came quite a bit later.

    I haven't finished the interview. I like this interview style and I like this guy. I just wanted to seed a little pushback against this bizarre "one song" meme.

  2. What is the use of all goodness, all love and abundance being locked away in another place , that takes death to access and only some people feel that special support down here and many don't so many souls incarnate into sheer horror down here with daily struggles before you judge I know we choose our life lessons but really ? It would be nice if the love was shared a little more and more of it I might be the one taking crazy pills IDK …