Near Death Experience That Was So Great She Got Mad | NDE

Near Death Experience That Was So Great She Got Mad | NDE

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I discuss with Jane Thompson about her NDE (Near Death Experience), what it felt like to die, and what she observed from the other side. This is her testimony. A Near Death Experience or NDE is when somebody dies and comes again to life. A Near Death Experience (NDE) is something that anyone by no means forgets and alterations them endlessly.

Element 2: Prolonged Interview – out?v=7nPQVPbxJD4

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  1. Extended Interview:

    Some Questions I Asked Include…
    – Was She Religious Before Her NDE?
    – What Was God Like?
    – How Has Her NDE Changed Her?
    – Why Was She Given a Choice?
    – How Real Was Her NDE?
    – Did She Have a Life Review?
    – Is Reincarnation Real?
    – Why is Life so Hard?
    – Her Thoughts on Manifestion

  2. Wow that's so crazy because I once had a dream that was exactly like that except for the talking part near the end. It was the most real dream I have ever had. When I was a teenager I had lucid dreams every single night for 3 years then they just stopped happening but it felt simular to that. I was driving a box truck on a very familiar road I remember changing the radio station to 98.5 (I was born in 1985), then for some reason I opened the glove box and I seen all of my previous cell phones I ever had. When I looked up the red light was red but didn't see it in time a car hit me on the side and it rolled the truck. A few minutes went by it felt like I passed out but that was when I died I didn't know it yet though. When I woke up I was already moving, it was like a ghost moving I was moving but I could tell my legs weren't I was just floating it took me over to a grassy area near the road once I got there I could see my body just laying there it was so crazy once it soaked in I started to float up in the sky looking down I seen the box truck flipped over on the road and seen that's how I died. I kept floating up until my life flashes before my eyes- it was like a video clip of all the happy and sad times I have ever had rapidly going thru them at the end I was at an old abandoned building just walking/floating in the sidewalk when my phone started ringing. I tried to answer it but it kept running it was my mom. Once it stopped ringing it went to voice-mail which I was able to check. I played it on speaker it was mom saying that she just found out I died in a car wreck and she was so sorry and said she loved me so much and would never forget me-I started bursting out crying, things went black ⚫ it lasted for a minute I was scared that this was it just nothing but nothing for eternity, I decided to look to see what I looked like but it was nothing but my vision, I could feel my arms and legs just couldn't see them like I was invisible. I started walking to see where I could go and if it led me anywhere. In the far distance I could finally see a light, I realized that I wasin a black tunnel and there was light at the end. I didn't know if I should try to go to the light, or turn around and go the other way. Instinct told me to just go to the light so I walked until I got to the end where the light was. When I got to the end everything got super bright and everything turned white I felt amazing it was pure bliss. It felt radiant heat from the sun warming my invisible body with a very slight comforting tingling sensation. I started to see what looked like stars twinkling in the whiteness. I was like wow this is what it feels like to be dead. The white light started to fade and as it did I could see the world, like from space I kept going further and further away until I could no longer see the earth. At this time I could feel my energy was fading away and remember thinking this is it I'm about to no longer see our feel anything and felt happy that I lived the life I lived. Then everything went black and that was the end. I will never forget that it was the wildest feeling ever. What's crazy is so many people have had very similar experiences.

  3. My adult son had a kidney stone about 6 months ago and said it was the most pain he'd ever felt. He immediately changed his diet and stopped eating things that can contribute to kidney stones. He said he never wants to feel that kind of pain again. I'm just thankful he's okay.

  4. Let me guess – bright lights – people dresses in sheets, everyone happy, smiling, enjoying a lazy life
    Any WORK being done? No? Billions get to "live" a lazy, idle, useless and pointless existence for eternity! yay!
    This is how Death Cults gain new members – cheap easy promises of "I saw this, I saw that" – everyone dreams – we see crazy things there too, but we know they are not real
    Stop falling of cheap promises of Death Cults
    Life is a Gift, embrace it! And Reincarnation says we can have this Gift over and over!

  5. I’m 61 years old and when I was 9 I had to have surgery I remember looking down at my body and the doctors working on me and saying something looking panic saying know need to tell her parents in the mean time I was in this beautiful warm bring light

  6. Thank you honey for sharing your beautiful story! I loved the way you told the story you have a way of keeping a person’s attention. Thank God you’re alright but I feel you were sent back by God because you didn’t fulfill your mission here, at least that’s what I read. Thank you for sharing, you made a lot of people feel good!

  7. I have watched so many NDE, and I truly believe that many were deceived ,if you will, but also many were given an awakening, she didn't explain her beliefs, but as a Christian, I believe Christ is the only door to salvation and to the Father in heaven, also Satan comes as a angel of light, so keep that in mind, but I don't believe that was him, but this lady as to do some research, she needs to read the Bible and establish a relationship with Christ, because maybe next time she'll meet her final fate and it won't be positive nor peaceful. We must be very wise and obey his commands, in short, salvation is a command, obey and live.

  8. I'm confused because this video came out two weeks ago but I remember watching her on this channel many weeks ago. Maybe a few months ago. But I don't see anything about her from that time. It doesn't seem like the same video but definitely her with the same story. So I'm trying to wrap my head around this. Maybe it's explainable but I'm at a loss.

  9. This is the first time i will talk abd confess about this to other people,2006 i had a big fight with my husband,he kicked ne very hard slamming my head on the wall of our bedroom,during that time my 2 daughters are sleeping already on the other room,its late in the evening, suddenlyi felt a big lump at the upper back part of my head very painful and ,,, fainted,,,that very minute i was flying very fast in a dark tunnel ,i recall random images of my childhood ,i was feeling very sad,then i saw a light getting bigger as i approached to the end of the tunnel, im feeling very light,calm and happy,,,,before i reached the end i heard the voices of my daughters crying very loud i glanced back i am back hugging my 2 young daughters.Almost a week of suffering from pain,i have no money that time to buy medicine,and also i cannot go out my face and eyes become black and blue ,swelling .Thanks God until now im alive,my daughters also are grown ups ages 20 and 18.God bless us all

  10. I just have one question … anyone who works or is involved in an area of science or medical area where we hear about obe…why havent we heard of a black or African having these experiences.

  11. Really??? You post only a small teaser instead of the "good stuff" we want to hear? Your description is a lie. This is not her testimony, it's a part only. Just to get more clicks?? Disgusting puke inducing behaviour.

  12. Oh my goodness… I've had the exact same thing, walked around well over 2 months without realizing a kidney stone was stuck. One kidney was failing, and only when it 'popped' the stone a little further into my urethra, due to puss buildup, I knew it was a kidney stone. I laid in hospital for a few days, they had to get the infections down before operating on me… On Thursday I went in, on Saturday morning, I felt better, after 2 days of antibiotics, and painmeds etc. Then at 8am I heard that I'd be operated on later that afternoon or evening. Around noon, I felt I was getting sick, and it kept plummeting down quickly! They wheeled me off for an emergency operation to place a J stent, and when we were halfway the hallway, I felt I was dying… I was glad I saw my mom and daughter just walking through the doors just before I went into the ER. I could say goodbye to them. I didn't believe I was coming back at that time… no NDE at that time, I've had others though.

    Thank you for sharing your story!