“Death Gave me the Gift of Life!” | Barbara Hauter's Near Death Experience During A Coma

“Death Gave me the Gift of Life!” | Barbara Hauter's Near Death Experience During A Coma

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Just after struggling from a lung embolism, Barabara Hauter (Munich) fell into a coma for two months. The way how and what she expert in the course of that time, changed her lifetime basically and permanently.

In our Thanatos Tv set EN interview, she says, “Death gave me the present of life.” It is an unusual and open up testimony of a woman who always utilized to be down-to-earth … but now she experiences her day-to-day lifetime from a totally distinctive angle – she is more mindful, and no cost from fears.

00:49 You experienced experiences at the brink of death that experienced a very long-long lasting result on your everyday living and improved it radically. Would you explain to us what took place?
02:33 How did you experience this time in hindsight, because from the exterior, a coma seems to be like a time of comprehensive unconsciousness?
03:46 When you stated that you seasoned the realities of the doctors and your upcoming of kin, does that imply you found when you experienced site visitors or what the doctors were executing?
09:21 Just before you had been speaking of quite a few journeys. Would you be equipped to summarize what you expert during that time?
11:25 An precise experience … indicating you did not just know in which country you wherever?
12:13 Does the time you were being travelling surface for a longer period than the time you invested in bed or vice versa? Did you have the idea that comparatively a ton of earthly time had passed?
13:26 Had been you ready to cope very well with these experiences? Had been you equipped to grasp the matters that had happened? How did you procedure all these experiences?
20:27 You stated before that no stone remained on the other. How extensive were being these adjustments?
22:19 You spoke about a large accountability that formulated as a result of the near-death experience, which experienced significant outcomes on your lifetime. Do you suggest we should really definitely do what existence is inquiring us to do?
24:34 All in all, how did your experience have an impact on your notion of male?
25:28 Death and the process of dying are extensively tabooed in our culture. Numerous people are really terrified of death. Would you be capable to give us a piece of assistance or a recipe for easing this fear?

Interviewer: Werner Huemer
Director: Sebastian Depke
Translation/Voice-about: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir, Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir
Editor: Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
© 2020 Thanatos Tv EN

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  1. 1 131w1 she's here because her daughter didn't Want to let go of her character 116 661mum.. My mum said she was flying making bee sounds saw beautiful garden she saw three quarters then she came back for us.

  2. Absolutely wonderful!
    Such a clear and comprehensible retelling.
    What I really enjoy with these stories are how different they are despite all they have in common, because they are experienced by different people. They all have such deep approaches and their messages come so clearly through.
    Thank you very much to these people and this channel for sharing them.

  3. Resurrection appears plausible now. My father is 95, bedridden and rarely conscious. One day he woke and asked me if I knew anything about resurrection. He spoke in sentences coherently. The last thing he said to me after a 30 minute discussion on the subject was "I NEED TO BE RESURRECTED NOW."

  4. A beautiful experience, and it reminds me of the experience of one of my friends who went through a similar experience..which I will try to translate from Arabic..

    He is an old friend.. He was a young man in his twenties, when he suffered from a heart problem, which made him undergo surgery, which is supposed to have been successful.. But days after the operation, and while entering his bedroom, he suddenly felt tired and threw himself on the bed.. He soon lost consciousness and found himself stuck to the ceiling of the room looking at his body lying motionless.. He did not panic, but was shocked and confused.. Then it soon developed into a feeling of excitement when he found himself in another dimension..
    My experienced friend says:
    It seemed more like a dream on the level of strangeness..and more realistic than reality itself on the level of clarity..
    I found myself flying in the shadows of a nature flooded with light.
    Seeing things was clear as no dust or fumes would limit vision.. In addition, the vision itself was extraordinary and in a spherical way.. that is, I was seeing from all angles at the same moment..the colors seemed more, brighter and shining, and there are colors that do not match them in Our earthly dimension, every color there seemed to me alive and vibrant and has its own identity.. For example, when I describe the green color as green, you should not think that I mean by it the color that represents this moment in your imagination, and the same is true with other colors in that dimension..

    I felt liberated from everything, and first of all, that ailing body with which all my worries, burdens, and earthly anxieties fell. I also did not feel any affection for what I had left behind me, my parents and brothers whom I loved, nor about my body, the narrow and heavy armor I had endured for so many years.

    And where I was feeling light and overjoyed, there were dazzling green meadows, and waterfalls that blew without mountains, and pure light without noticing any source of it, and I met people who I felt I knew, dressed in green uniforms.. but they knew me for sure..
    They said, "Oh, you came then!"
    I said yes I came!
    Then I noticed.. I don't wear the same outfit.. I said.. But why am I not wearing clothes like you?
    They said: This means that your time has not yet come.
    Then I don't remember anything but my return to my body.

  5. It's reminds of my NDE,S. I came back and was confused about laws and How different not only laws . But what matters here . Doesn't matter anymore. It was amazing seeing the actions as empty actions .. realized that people are in our lives that God has entrusted to our care. I believe in change. Not whom my human situation around but more like life before was a spectacular sport . To be precious presence. To hear others are not saying.. love matters .. we are Loved by God and thus we can be genuinely grateful for every moment..

  6. The woman dubbing over her voice is useless. She sounds drunk or something. The bloke dubbing over isn't much better. Not sure if they are purposely making fun of them or not. Makes it very hard to listen to this woman's story.

  7. I don't know what kind of experience this woman thinks she had. no one can deny that she went through a difficult time with her recovery. However she mentions speaking to other people (at around 10:37 in the video) in the other places she "visited". Nevertheless, In all near death experiences people report that they do not have the ability to physically interact with or talk to other people who are still alive, for example the doctors or the relatives or other people in general. She seems to be using what she thinks is her experience to justify mistakes that she has done now in her life. Splitting up with her husband? just go live with your husband in a smaller house and sell the one car if you think these things are no longer necessary. and most of all, suddenly realizing that she is supposedly attracted to women? the Bible is clear about this issue. Leviticus 18:22 “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” The Bible also refers to this issue in other parts.

  8. At one point she states the gift she had gotten. The gift of having no fear anymore. Later, around 22:00 she expresses that she was afraid to admit to the outside world that she was attracted to women. Because she was afraid to be rejected by society and lose the social connections. So, there are a lot of nuances. People can say the one thing but not be aware that they are contradicting by saying or doing the other.

  9. Barbara makes a wonderful observation at 19:40 where she says that after her experience she couldn’t live a trivial life anymore (materialist possessions, trying to impress others, etc) yet today on the outside her more humble and happy life appears to others as trivial. Fantastic comment.

  10. This does sound more like an oobe although considering her fragile health it also shows that at some stage she did enter a more profound state of consciousness that parallels the Nde type. She touches upon the multidimensional or multi layered aspects of her experienced which possibly includes other levels that she may well have forgotten. What's important is that it changed her life for the better and helped her to discover a deeper meaning to life and which also serves I feel as an inspiration to all .

  11. I have never had a NDE but have had several OBE. During OBE I sometimes have found myself in a Art Museum where I examine classical paintings in detail. They are the real thing. I question is this objective or subjective reality. I think my God, if I can create these things with my mind what could I become if I could harness this and be the worlds greatest painter.

  12. My mother had a story to tell. This happened in the early 1930s. A good friend of my grandmother was dying. My grandma held her hand all the way to the end -Right before she passed she said out loud ; it’s beautiful!!! It’s beautiful!!!!! Then she left this world. I’ve always loved this story.