He Went to the Garden of Love | What He Saw On The Other Side | Phil Siracusa Near Death Experience

He Went to the Garden of Love | What He Saw On The Other Side | Phil Siracusa Near Death Experience

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He Went to the Backyard garden of Enjoy | What He Noticed On The Other Facet | Phil Siracusa Near Death Experience

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This is Element 1 of my job interview with Phil Siracusa about his near death experience!
Look at Section 2 below: https://youtu.be/qXdvGJi_KM4


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  1. We are here to BE NEEDED not to NEED … we don’t NEED anything, we were made dependent on things but that’s not YOUR need that’s what the creator needed you to be!! You are NEEDED here by your family and friends and for all the strangers in the world you could help ..

  2. Philip That was amazing experience thank you for sharing!! I believe the girl you were seeing was your spirt guide and she will be with you durning your life's physical body journey. I am a medium "don't freak out" the devil coming after me lol. God has given me this gift and I work with people in my path. I do not charge money as this is what I am suppose to do. I am a tool to help people believe in Heaven / Home. I would be happy to do a reading for you anytime. God Bless Cindy

  3. Beautiful story. The girl waiting for him to come back can be his twinsoul. Personally I read the 27 books with more then 11.000 pages from Jozef Rulof. They explaine everything about the afterlife.

  4. 'In Him was life, and that life is the Light that gave life to all humanity.' (John 1:4). Jesus spoke to them again, saying, "I am the Light of the world {Greek, κόσμος-kosmos = Cosmos, Universe – everything that exists anywhere}; the one who follows Me shall never walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." (John 8:12). 'Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is Love.' (1John 4:8).

  5. I believe this story. I too had a NDE back in 1973 when I was in labor with my son. I never saw anyone but I believe I heard my guardian angel who told me I have to go back. I believe that I did because I had to take care of my son. And I also gave birth to my two daughters in 1976 and 1977.

  6. Thank you Love Covered Life for creating these videos and posting for all to see. Thank you Phil for sharing your profound wonderful experience and messages. I had a NDE as well and can attest to the pure Love and Light and wanting to stay there. I was also saved by an Angel named Michael, who my friend also saw and talked with too. I've been opening up and sharing my experiences with anyone who is open to hearing it, one to one for now but want to follow my guidance from my Heavenly Father to share my experiences on a larger scale. I subscribed and am excited to see more of these videos of many wonderful experiences. May true peace, Love and Light be with you all.

  7. OMG my NDE was also when i was about 14 and at the dentist! I floated to the ceiling like yourself and could see the doctors panicking and saying I was losing a lot of blood. I came back into my body after that.

  8. I do not wanna sound as if I'm discounting his story, but I had heard it on a different channel several weeks ago, and he said when he returned to his body he was still at the dentist office, NOT in a hospital.
    Now maybe I misunderstood something but could he clarify this by chance?
    His story is beautiful, and I do believe he had the NDE but I'm just trying to understand why in the one I heard he came back to his body in the dentist office and here he says in a hospital. Thanks for anything you can find out.

  9. My NDE type experiences happened as a kid, and I've poured over related material ever since. This was so fascinating because of the miracle while multiple people were in "regular" awake states later on, and I want to share this with all gathering around these stories and accounts: Dr. Kenneth Ring's books on this subject (and vintage interviews) are dynamite and outstanding for what was found studying hundreds of similar accounts. Second, I've found Paul Selig's material to be the closest thing to returning me to those states of awareness and love in my decades of searching. For what it is worth…

  10. Lovely story! Nitrous oxide is something I NEVER want to experience AGAIN! So scary I think I was dying when I started to fight without moving or talking. Like inside myself! Finally I think the nurse noticed how big my eyes were and turned me off! Thank Our creator cause I’m not ready to go in front of my Master yet!

  11. You say you felt like you were home, in the meaning of feeling like you belonged there ? Or it was actually finally being home ? Could you see yourself as you knew yourself ? Those you left behind could you feel sadness for them for yourself ? Super cool story and experience and obviously the lord our creator thought you had work to be done down here….