What God Told Her About Energy Will Shock You! – Penny Wittbrodt's NDE

What God Told Her About Energy Will Shock You! – Penny Wittbrodt's NDE

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Penny Wittbrodt’s Near Death Experience (NDE) and how she bought out of the void. God confirmed her a future event with her grandson, taught her the energy of feelings, and why forgiveness is so crucial. This is her NDE christian testimony.

Full Unedited NDE Job interview


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  1. What a blessing to receive this testimony. I found myself to be so very moved and shed tears while listening. And I actually said out loud "So that's why forgiveness is so important" at the same time as Penny said it. So much explained here and I felt so affirmed in the right areas. Thank you Penny. God has blessed you greatly and has blessed us too.

  2. All Healthcare Providers are now taught to be disengaged, have no emotion, no concern no care and just allow the patient to suffer without blinking and eye. This type of training turns Healthcare Providers into animals who would rather eat their young instead of protecting them. Some healthcare providers only act like this around other staff members but on their own time they act half human.

  3. 15:10 GETTAFAKKA here with that crap, "mad at god" ???? are you insane ??? her "nde" is definetely not an actual nde, because she seems to project her understanding of god into what she was dreaming. did she say "mad at god"? |d|ot. God is an authoritative figure, not your friend. Humans purpose on earth is to worship him and pass tests of tribulations

  4. Leave it to folks that are "religious" to not believe you! The irony of life…
    Your experience was amazing. You didn't "see" Jesus because God w a s/is in you and that was enough, especially since Jesus with God and the Holy Spirit are ONE. That was great advise about the attachment of love verses hate onto another person and probably the hardest lesson especially when the other is being so evil against you. Again, thank you so much for sharing.