Bill Letson – NDEs and Experiences of Other Dimensions

Bill Letson – NDEs and Experiences of Other Dimensions

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ABOUT Invoice
Invoice Letson, a retired fire captain and forester of 35 years, had a near-death experience in 1994. It took him 15 a long time to occur out of the closet and share his NDE accounts.

IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) business with a mission to advance global being familiar with of NDEs and linked experiences via research, training, and assist. We imagine a long term in which all men and women embrace near-death and associated experiences as a resource of indicating and inspiration for a superior globe. We imagine NDEs can rework an individual’s lifetime, affect the sciences, and embolden society. Today, IANDS engages in far far more than research and has members from about the earth. We invite you to look at getting to be a member of IANDS. To understand more about near-death experiences, check out

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What is an NDE?
A near-death experience (NDE) is typically a profound, life changing, intensely psychological experience that commonly takes place in the course of a clinical disaster and has widespread qualities and aftereffects. It is not a aspiration, hallucination, or psychological health issues (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to discover who will have an NDE. They materialize to persons of all ages, religions, socio-financial groups, cultures, academic backgrounds, and belief methods. They happen underneath a selection of situation these as accidents, in close proximity to-drownings, sicknesses, fight, surgical treatments, and childbirth. Next an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) normally show some common aftereffects. Research has set up a established of frequent NDE traits and extended-time period aftereffects. Theories utilised to clarify near-death experiences in purely bodily phrases have been verified inadequate by NDE researchers and some others.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Nature gave us the ability to actually "find" our true selves for the advantage of our kind. DMT is amazing.. I've studied and studied about it for probably about six years or so now.. I'm just absolutely fascinated. It's the only thing that's ever been relatable on every level of consciousness to me.. yet I've never tripped once in my life. This has changed my life and my outlook on death forever.

    I've always had a phobia of death until I found this.. now I feel that I'm something else here for a lesson. It feels logical to expect this kind of behavior in the afterlife for me. I'm Not Christian.. Jewish.. nothing. But I'm certainly NEVER going to be an atheist.

  2. I LOVE these stories! I believe them all. I have read multiple books on them. I read "Heaven is for Real", and saw the movie. The movie left out the part where the little boy (Colton) asks his pastor father, "Dad, did you know there is going to be a war?".
    That story happened in real life, I believe before 2010. He was speaking of a spiritual war that I believe we are currently in. He said something along the lines of "Don't worry, Dad, Jesus throws Satan back into Hell. I saw it".
    I KNOW that God WINS!!!!!

  3. The brain releases natural DMT through the pineal gland upon death so the brain won't try to fight as the bodys organs shut down. Experience often described as playful, colorful, gratifying, loving. Its a chemically induced hallucination. You can visit the "spirit world" any time you take DMT, just as you can visit the "nightmare world" on saliva. Its an unreality hallucination. It isnt real.

  4. I had something happen to me in 2006. I’m still thinking about it and it’s more real than real. I wish I had someone to talk to about this. I’m so proud of all the nd experiencers who tell their stories. I understand how intimidating that is. Thank you for posting this video. I’m more grateful than you know.