Atheist Near Death Experiencer Is Changed by Paranormal Experiences | Louisa Peck NDE Part 2

Atheist Near Death Experiencer Is Changed by Paranormal Experiences | Louisa Peck NDE Part 2

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Atheist Near Death Experiencer Is Improved by Paranormal Experiences | Louisa Peck NDE Aspect 2

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This is Portion 2 of my job interview with Louisa Peck about her near death experience!
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  1. I’m going through so much pain within my body everyday….
    I wish somebody from the other side would talk to me and help me understand why this is all happening. I’ve prayed I’ve asked. It’s all too much. I’ve listen to so many NDE and the guidance they get afterwards is something I long for. Thank you for these videos. I’m in pain and I watch these. It helps me remember there’s a bigger picture when I feel so stuck. My situation feels so unmovable. Even if it moves, I don’t want the pains in my body to steal joy from me. I don’t feel like I have the tools for my life situation. It’s like I’m in survival mode everyday. The worse part is I don’t even know what’s wrong. It’s lonely and scary. It’s been a year in half.

  2. Louisa, I rarely comment on videos, but I gotta tell you: You had me smiling from within so many times…
    I felt your wake girl, I felt your love. Thank you! ❤ And thank you Mel, for the work you're doing. ❤

  3. I started listening to your channel about a month ago and it's my favorite channel. I relate to your views so much due to my own research of NDEs, ADCs, pre death visions, past life regression, and many different religious/channeled texts. I love that you're always promoting the main message from all of it which is love. I love LOVE!! Keep up the great work that you're doing!

  4. Hey Melissa, I hope it's not too late to get these questions to you to get to Howard for the Fireside Chat. Thanks!

    1) Howard writes in his book "My Descent into Death" that "God is not particularly interested in human sexual expression", on page 34. Can you ask him to elaborate on that? And, how does he reconcile that with the notion that the Bible seems to say that God cares a lot about human sexual expression? (Note: This isn't a challenge to him, but an honest inquiry, because I strongly believe what he says but just would like him to elaborate).
    2) Off of question 1, what are his thoughts on LGBTQ? What does he believe God thinks about it?
    3) Howard writes in his book, MDID (abbreviation), that "This brief event we call life is neither our beginning nor our end". Can you ask him to elaborate on the "beginning" part? Is that true for all humans or just some? What were we doing before this? What will we do after?
    4) Because of Howard, I am now more of an Inclusivist when it comes to salvation theory. Can you ask him to expand on what exactly his theory of salvation is? Ie, will most people be saved in the end does he think?
    5) Is hell really "locked from the inside" as CS Lewis suggests?
    6) Will everyone who is in hell at the very "end" of eternity, be only those who are continually choosing it? Put another way, will God ever keep someone in Hell against their will as "punishment"?
    7) You've said in your walkthrough of Befriending God Life With Jesus that, "God doesn't punish anyone, ever". How do you reconcile this with the commonly held Christian beliefs of punitive justice and hell?
    8) Howard's theology that is presented in MDID (and interviews of him) is so freeing. It really changed my view of God. When I try to speak to people about this presentation of theology, they think it's heretical. It makes me so sad and confused. Can you ask him to elaborate on this? Bc without an NDE, I don't see how we would come to his view of God from the Bible, even though I believe his view is right.
    9) In MDID, on page 43, Howard talks about how he was shown that after Jewish people died in the holocaust, he saw their spirits greeting loved ones. I've told this to two of my great Christian friends, and they said, basically, that it's heretical, and that they are in hell forever because they rejected Jesus as Messiah. The Bible does seem to say this, and most Christians believe the Bible teaches this…
    10) In MDID, Howard talks about how much God hates war, and how he wanted it to end a long time ago. What about the wars in the old testament that God commanded? Is that part of scripture then not inspired by God?
    11) Off of question 10, are there parts of scripture not inspired by God? Listening to Howard's YouTube book walkthroughs, he makes a comment on how some parts are not. Most Christians would say this is very heretical. What is Howard's response?
    12) In MDID, on page 43, Howard writes, "We have failed to learn the fundamental lesson that God has been teaching us from most religious traditions since the beginning of human consciousness. Every religion began with revelations of God…" Most Christians would say it is idolatry to believe any other religion is from God, except for Christianity, and Judaism to an extent. What is Howard's response?
    13) Off of all the the previous questions, why does the Bible seem to say things that are contradictory to Howard's beautiful view and revelation of God? Why would he make His Word like this? How do we change Christians view on this? It seems an impossible task because their view on the Bible is that it is completely inspired by God, and if you say otherwise, you are one of the false teachers that Jesus warned about! I'm so frustrated and confused. I just want to believe the truth.

    Thanks Howard! Love, Noah.

  5. Hey what is the difference between her saying good and evil or just human constructs and remarking on the moral emptiness of that and Anastasia saying that in that afterworld she experienced that was neither good nor evil? I think it’s a good question. I may not have stated it very well but perhaps you can address this at some point. You often have very very interesting Ways of looking at these sorts of things. Thank you

  6. I've been listening to a lot of oneness teachers like Gina Lake, Eckhart Tolle, Aaron Abke, Alex Shailer, Michael Singer, etc. I also had been practicing meditation with some powerful results, but then the growth dried up.

    Some of the oneness teachers seem detached from this world. In fact, they would probably say that's the whole point. However, it seems to me that those with profound NDEs and ego-based spiritual experiences get the most out of life. Isn't that why we are here to begin with? If we were supposed to remove ourselves from this world, we wouldn't be here. Those like Louisa Peck and Anita Moorjani have a genuine appreciation for life, but they rarely talk about oneness teachings. Instead they are much more about loving the whole self including the ego and appreciating our likes (which is completely ego-driven).

    I've been trying to detach from my thoughts, but any relief in that attempt has dried up. I ask for guidance and wait for the answer, but I hear none. I'm confused about how to be happier and more fulfilled. (To me they are basically the same.) I don't know how to be in this world. I don't know what to want.

    It seems that perhaps pursuing the world from the ego as healthfully as I can is the key.