After Contact From The Other Side, Skeptic German Scientist Start WORLD' S LARGEST MEDIUM Study

After Contact From The Other Side, Skeptic German Scientist Start WORLD' S LARGEST MEDIUM Study

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Podcast visitor 407 is Professor Dr. Oliver Lazar who as a result of profound individual spiritual experiences adhering to the accidental death of a lady Dr. Lazar was pulled into the afterlife contacts and these days we talked about it.

Prof. Dr. rer. medic. Oliver Lazar very first studied human drugs up to the initial condition assessment at the University of Essen and then computer system science at the Specialized College in Dortmund, graduating in 2005 with a diploma in personal computer science. He obtained his doctorate in the normal sciences of medication in 2008 with his dissertation on the subject matter of “Outcomes on the sympathetic anxious method with mix therapies in the treatment method of individuals with higher blood force” at the Clinic for Nephrology of the University Clinic Essen. He headed the IT department of the general general public healthcare facility Zell am See in Austria and attained profound experience in utilized research by means of numerous BMBF-funded research jobs as a scientist and job supervisor at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Techniques (IMS) in Duisburg. Because 2012, he has been a professor of personal computer science at Germany’s greatest private college in Düsseldorf.

Dr. Lasar’s Homepage.

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  1. I ALL things that is God, we will always be incredulous of The Mystery. Eye hath not seen, ear not Heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has in store for those that love him. It is so intimate the way God/Life appears. Loss returns;this I know

  2. I have felt those goosebumps on my right side after my boyfriend passed away, so this validates it was him. I don't feel it as often as before, but when it happens, I know it's hin ❤️

  3. The human brain;a biochemical piezoelectric transducer that receives input from our thoughts and stimulates certain glands accordingly.
    If enough reproductive hormones can be brought into the pineal gland this new chemical compound is called AMIRT,the elixir of immortality.
    If enough amirt saturates the brains synapses they open wide,allowing more PRANA the real GOD particle, to reach the conscious mind.
    This is similar to a DMT experience with the difference being; DMT allows one to communicate with higher levels of consciousness which are represented by beings who we can relate too.Amirt allows one to become those higher planes of consciousness.

  4. I want to believe, believe me I do-I lost my son and I want to think this could all be true, but anything seen, spoken, written, actions, problems, our personality and how we would react is known by Satan as he is of air if you believe in The Bible. Mediums can just report Satan and demons testimonies and made up crap from the information they know. If a medium can tell our thoughts, now that would be interesting.

  5. Absolutely wonderful interview, he's spot on on mediums or psychics who aren't legit. I've been to so many, let's just say that if you don't give them anything to go on, they are almost always wrong. There's only one psychic that I've been to that was correct, all the way to my mother's death, my mom was young too so it was unexpected. Anyway, that psychic didn't charge me. Go figure. I've been to probably over a hundred and almost all wrong. I mean so far off, I'm a little psychic myself, that's probably why I've been to so many. I believe it because I've had visions or knew things prior to them happening. Anyway, real psychics usually don't need to guess or do cold reading. Don't say anything, let them take the lead and see what they say.

  6. Many thanks to Dr Lazar for sharing his own profound experience of the life beyond. The number of medics and scientists globally, who are choosing to share their own experiences of spiritual enlightenment and Near Death Experiences is ever-increasing, and it prompts others in these fields, to start the conversation and speak out on what has always been perceived as a taboo subject. A few years ago, a collective of Doctors interested in researching consciousness and Near Death Experiences, established the department for the Study of Near Death Experiences, at Southampton University, in the UK, under the direction of Dr Sam Parnier, a clinician from USA. As a result of their extensive research, they are continuing to reveal extraordinary proof that our consciousness lives on following death. Thanks Jeff, for yet another great interview. X

  7. I think Dr. Lazar was launched, unapologetically, into this research. Who could resist after his experiences? So glad you brought this forward. My brother is deeply in grief as his daughter was murdered in front of his house. I look forward to this book in English. I want to send it to my brother as nothing, so far, has bolstered him in his sorrows.

  8. I was amazed at 45:24 When he mentions that they even controlled for the chance that the information was being transmitted telepathically from the client and the medium instead of the deceased spirit.
    I have always wondered about that myself; but it seems like this factor is not isolated or usually even referenced.