After A Shared Death Experience She Began Communicating With Beings Of Love And Light

After A Shared Death Experience She Began Communicating With Beings Of Love And Light

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Podcast 220 is Lisa Jones. Lisa had a comprehensive out of body shared death experience with her husband. Lisa Jones is the author of the guide Artwork of Dwelling Joyful After the Reduction of a Loved 1. She is also an inspirational speaker, intuitive guide, and advisor for leading-amount performers in worldwide company, substantial-profile celebrities, and people today alike. Her life-switching meditations, podcasts, and stage exhibits achieved and taught the potent probable of spirit, abundance, and the critical to true interior pleasure. The intro voice is by Ross Mitchell who did the voice overs for Artwork Bell.

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  1. Poor Jeff!

    Snared by his addiction to the nde religion, and completely undiscerning with regard to the innumerable guests who are making an unconscionable income charging ordinary mortals upwards of $300 per hour for their sage wisdom… Something all the saints and sages of antiquity and the present day have never contemplated doing with their brothers and sisters.

    Along with your solicitors and oh so precious interviewing, have the testicular fortitude, on air, to ask your guests whether they charge for their exalted services or not, and if so, how much. For shame. These are gifts, and remain gifts, and not items which are for sale or barter or rental

    Time to grow up and grow out of your obsession with the paranormal, and into a real human being.

  2. Loved her story… and I immediately went to her website and was going to book a reading… Until I saw the price. I don't understand why some readers charge so much… and its not that I don't have the money. I do. I'm just not comfortable paying that much for an non-in-person hour message over a phone or zoom. $300 just seems incredibly high for a one hour verbal.conversation.

  3. Sorry for your loss, Hell is not a fairytale, baptism is not a sham, you were talking to a man who is flawed,you have to go to Jesus, those guides want you to believe you go to Heaven without accepting Jesus, next time you talk to your angels tell them the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth show me your true form, God bless you and your family, sold out for Jesus

  4. Jesus did get baptised, but unlke the Church of Christ I dont believe its a condition of Salvation, nor anything else I can "preform" as a saved human, I believe Jesus Paid the price in FULL, and I accept that and Him as my Savior

  5. Lisa, my prayer for you is that you wake up to the FACT that you don’t have special “abilities”, the demons you’ve allowed to possess you when you invited your “angels” in have them and they just channel things to your hijacked mind! You will never see the life believers are promised after this one unless you place your faith in the one that will ultimately destroy all demons and unbelievers in the Lake of Fire. Jesus Christ loves you enough to die for your sins and save you from eternal death if you will simply trust him!

  6. This is rather painful for me. My husband died 2 months ago after 11 years of fighting lukemia. I started screaming and wailing uncontrollably when he died, and I still can’t accept his passing. I used to have a lot of spiritual experiences, but there was no guidance from God at all about his recent passing. It actually makes me angry that he got to leave this life so early, and have a wonderful life in heaven while I suffer so much without him here. I feel like he abandoned me, and so did God. I can’t reconcile my prior spiritual guidance and experiences with what’s happened…meanwhile, he left no will, no financial or logistical
    info, , and I am struggling with massive legal, financial and logistical problems…including having to move to another state right in the midst of this nightmare. I also have a blood cancer diagnosis myself (multiple myeloma) but I do not want to suffer endlessly slowly dying …going blind etc, I just want to go home NOW myself. So why was her experience so different?

  7. WOW…ROBBIN WILLIAMS…ROM DASS…SUCH AMAZING SACRED WISDOM…loved hearing about how to deal with someone in the process…just be with them…HUGE THANK YOU for THIS AMAZING BEAUTIFUL PROGRAM

  8. Jeff! I love your show, but I can’t keep up with your daily releases. Is there any chance we can get a transcript (I’m a fast reader!)? Perhaps someone can do this for a fee, and us listeners can be your Patrons on Patreon to pay for it?

  9. The baptism is more symbolic than it is necessary. Catholicism distorted the original traditional intent as a fear tactic to lock in believers as if lying is required over the truth. I vwas baptised 3 yrs ago at 49.