After Her Second Near Death Experience She Stopped Being an Atheist

After Her Second Near Death Experience She Stopped Being an Atheist

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Podcast visitor 219 Is Dr. Lotte Valentin. Dr. Lotte experienced 2 near death experiences. Just after her 2nd nde experience she stopped getting an atheist. Dr. Lotte Valentin, “The Intuitive Physician”, is an N.M.D., creator, evidential medium, spiritual educator and an international keynote speaker! She is the creator of Med Faculty just after Menopause,The Journey of my Soul, an inspirational story about transformation, healing and spirituality.

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  1. I am extatique to see what médecine is suppose to be come to being …this is the future of médecine..spiritual medicine…the real thing. I wish humans would stop doubting their creator!!! It must be heartbreaking for the divine to see that we often deny them/it!

  2. I remember the twin earthquakes well: Landers/Big Bear. I was living in Huntington Beach too at Beach & Adams and I was on the phone with my best friend when the Big Bear EQ shook! Exciting & frightening – I can’t imagine being in the vulnerable position that Lotte was in.

  3. Dr. Lotte stated: Never forget that life is eternal and when you're going through difficult times, remember that this is temporary. It doesn't last forever, and it is through this darkness that transformation and new life gets created. You're just going through a transformation process, and everything will be okay in the end. Always remember that as you go through difficult times, but also that everything is connected. We are all one. We are part of the light because the light is in us. Everything is divine and so are you.

  4. Great guest! Jeff I’d be curious to watch a video of just you speaking about what you have learned and what you think of all these amazing NDE experiences. Also I think you ask such perfect questions about your guests’ experiences!

  5. Whew… This lady is difficult to listen to… Talk so fast and so compulsively that she wears out the brain. She should learn how to space with thoughts and allow her listening to absorb them peacefully. Whatever else she is, she's not sensitive to energy and atmosphere, and I doubt you would make a very good spiritual consultant for that reason.

  6. She is super smart! In many ways, the full package! So inspired by her and at the same time I feel like I could never do all that in this time of my life (menopause)! So impressed. Blessings to Dr. Lotte! <3

  7. The same thing happened to Janet Tarantino after her NDE'S…with the electricity or electromagnetic current's she was exhibiting and all of her watches were doing the same thing….also TVs and Lights I believe too…make you think huh…

  8. I developed something like her Illness when I was younger and I can relate to her I had pernicious Anemia not sure if it ever goes. Away really but I do feel better but thankfully I did not have a NDE my blood levels were At 3

  9. I love these stories too. We humans are so attached to our bodies and our pain. How much blood we lost, how big the clots are…repeat. BP levels. I saw one the other day this guy gave us his enzyme levels.The point is while we are here we are so attached to our bodies and their every function. The relief at being detached from it is such a profound. I've had two brief ndes. The love, the bliss of the void, much of it. I think we all share such a longing to feel we are home.Trying to be home before we die is a goal. Blessings to all of us

  10. Wrote to Dr Lotte 3x – she NOT responded. ANYONE can recommended a Healer? And CERTIFIED Psychic / NDEr from that UK school? Really need help – I am a TRAUMATISED Mother still separated from my child by SADISTIC UTAH Courts.

  11. Oh dear…this is the only time I have ever wished there was a warning for "graphic content". Blood blood blood Giant blood clot blood all over table blood blood another giant clot…..omg, i got dizzy…blood all over the place….