Woman with Difficult Childhood Receives Answers in Near Death Experience | Anne Murphy NDE Part 1

Woman with Difficult Childhood Receives Answers in Near Death Experience | Anne Murphy NDE Part 1

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This is section 1 of my interview with Anne Murphy about her Near Death Experience!
View Section 2 here: https://youtu.be/MQ56i-96qJg


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  1. Anne, your powerful story shook my core. I am suffering from multiple health issues, and may die.
    However, your story has reduced my fear. Even better, let me reflect more on my ego, and my own darkened self due to traumas and pain.
    Your teaching of what Evil truly is blew my mind!
    After listening to your story, I believe that we all come down here to have our chances to remember who we truly are, and have agreed to go through toughness in order to achieve that!
    Life’s hardships are just opportunities to help to remember our true nature!

  2. Glad to hear you healed, however I do not see the fact that human trafficking and pedophilia are dramatically on the rise and sitting back saying to ourselves 'Oh well, it's all working out as it perfectly should, some benevolent force must be begind it all' does nothing but desensitize us to the dangers lurking in the dark and for those children who are sacrificed in this way…..thank God real people think these children should be saved from these demon posessed monsters…..that these innocent souls deserve to be happy by all means possible or we would all be so accepting of the evils of this world…..I believe there is a false light out there parading as a good light, my apologies if this hurts anyone, but I do this on behalf of the children and the parents who desperately need our help!!

  3. Love your channel but too many ads – I get you're making some money from this but can they be spaced out and not dropped in (loudly) mid flow. Especially when some of the content is so poignant and sensitive?

  4. 1) If you agreed before birth to undergo the terrible abuse you experienced, didn't you agree at the same time to take on all the "human stuff," the evaluations, the judgments, the struggle of good against evil, that went with it? In that other world, the world of unconditional love, you agreed to let go of all that human stuff in order to understand, and be embraced by, Reality; nonetheless getting born couldn't have all been just a pure mistake from the beginning, since you agreed to take all that on for a real reason. Would you agree with that way of explaining it? 2) In many NDE stories I've viewed, it seems that those who come back insisting that "there is no judgment" are often the ones who were taught in church that "God is vengeful and will send you to Hell". It's as if their experiences of unconditional love, while entirely real, were nonetheless a kind of compensation for a belief that Judgment not Mercy rules the universe. Mercy is infinitely greater than Justice, but if Justice is suppressed, where is the Mercy? If you had been rescued from your abusers by law enforcement who forcibly prevented your abusers from doing any more damage to you or others, wouldn't you have felt that as a kind of Mercy, not perfect but nonetheless real? In other words, isn't the deepest understanding to see that both worlds, the world of limitations and the world of the Unlimited, are real because they are both expressions of the Great Mystery that transcends them? How do you feel about that way of seeing it? 3) A question: You say (unless I'm mistaken) that you were in taught in church that God is vengeful and judgmental. But how was it that those abusers who trafficked you from age two to your early 20's, also sent you to church? Were they trying to gain access to other children to traffic, or what? Or were you just talking about your impression of what people are taught in church, not your own actual experience? Many if not most churches teach that God is more merciful and forgiving than judgmental. I myself am a Muslims, and Muslims believe that God told Muhammad, "My Mercy is greater than My Anger."

  5. Anne Murchy's account of her nde is absolutely and wonderfully illuminating. From the bottom of my heart, thank you both for enabling me to hear this. I have already gleaned a lot about Reality/who we really are etc. but I still had certain questions, aspects I could not completely understand. Anne has filled out my understanding of the schema of Reality and consolidated it. Again: THANK YOU!

  6. “Sometimes there are hellish NDE's… And what I saw was that that is when people are still kind of stuck in between the human and the…. -like they haven't fully let go of all the human stuff.”

    Here I think she's referring to the accumulations of unprocessed human emotion, beliefs, and tangled ideas, concepts, and ego attachments. These can act like inhibitors or limiting conditions, but they may also serve a useful purpose in helping the individuated spirit consciousness on its path to re-integration.

  7. i like nde's but who can explain where did things like final judgement, resurrection, kingdom of God, repenting, salvation and many other come from in the Bible, isn't it the Bible that was believed that's true and what's predicted in it happened and will happen ?

  8. Oh my darling. Thank you for giving me insight into the love for the perpetrators. And that evil is lack of knowledge of who we are. You are the most beautiful and brave person I've seen in these NDE experiences. We are coming into a time of great trauma and I pray that your NDE will help you and us all to get through it without losing our compassion. God bless you.