Ex-Muslim: Why I chose Christianity

Ex-Muslim: Why I chose Christianity

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Born and elevated in the Muslim Faith, Mehdi practiced his religion and lived the Muslim religion which was all he realized expanding up. God had quite a few distinct plans for Mehdi though. Through a sequence of experiences which incorporated a number of God-appointed encounters with Christians together Mehdi’s journey, such as a Canadian Pastor who questioned authorization to pray with Mehdi and also the lady he would marry, Lucille, his curiosity about Christianity enhanced. Following their marriage, Mehdi and Lucille turned shut good friends with a few who at 1 time had been Muslim, but experienced been born yet again in Christ Jesus. They encouraged Mehdi and took the time to notify him about Jesus, share tales from the Bible, and encourage Mehdi to seek out God in prayer for the responses he seeking for. This close friend gave Mehdi a Bible in his native language, Farsi, and before long Mehdi could not deny what he was seeing and enduring. Equally Mehdi and Lucille gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized alongside one another on a beach front in the Persian Gulf. Mehdi is now a Pastor and devotes his lifestyle to notify as quite a few as he can about the Salvation they can have in Jesus Christ. Mehdi understands from private experience that when we find Him we will uncover Him if we request Him with all of our hearts.

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  1. Firstly, you dont need to shout to read the Quran. Look it up yourself on Quran recitation, people dontneed to shout. Also he was saying "i was reading in my room without my parents and family knowing" and fumbled his words after the interviewer ask why when he is from a muslim family. If you are from a muslim family, your parents would teach you qiraat/recitation of the Quran. So why doesnt his family know he is reading Quran and why he need to hide it?

    Secondly, jesus pbuh in islam, isnt coming to judge the world. Only the one true God can judge the world. Jesus pbuh is cominb to unite the muslim and kill the anti-christ/dajjal.

    Thirdly, this brother wasnt a practicing muslim. Why does he need to wait until mark tell him to pray, that he started praying? That means he wasnt praying before.

  2. Jesus (pbuh) is not God but he is a prophet of God and he never asked his desciples to worship him and he worshipped God only. Christianity is not the religion of Jesus but it belongs to Paul who created Christianity. Islam is the true religion of God almighty. The Quran is a miraculous book of God revealed to prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

  3. How sad..…when you have to blame everyone else but you, yourself for all your insecurities ! The sad eyes and the sheepish smile tell a different story. My friend you have walked from one darkened room to another !

  4. I’m catholic by birth brought up in Catholic schools. My brother in law a Catholic turned to be Christian taught me how to read Bible through Bible study, a gathering activity of the Christian community. For me both religion worship the same God doctrines are very much the same. I just feel the separation of the church is man made, religion is a very much personal thing;it’s your relationship with God not the church. To go to a mosque worshipping to Ala in fact to the same God too. God is in your heart she is every where.

  5. Sitting here is the biggest liar imaginable . The verse that says he begets not nor was he begot was wrongly quoted as it's not the beginning of the quran.
    Then again he recited it wrongly for someone who claims that he recited it and memorized the quran.
    Typical fake ex Muslim

  6. I was expecting to hear the reason why you prefer Christianity over Islam. But, you didn't want to say more about why you left Islam, you just only talked about why you wanted to become Christian (which is what almost all pastors preach) I was expecting something different. After all I realised that you were not a Muslim and you didn't get anything to say why you were not satisfied with Islam. Why do you have to lie, you can just preach openly. Why do you want to create falsely story. Is it allowed to preach Christianity with a false story? Does ur religion allow it?