Woman Screams Out During Theatre Production Due to Past-Life Memory

Woman Screams Out During Theatre Production Due to Past-Life Memory

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Afterlife Tv set http://www.afterlifetv.com : In this week’s bite-sized episode, Lydia shares an remarkable story of previous-existence remember she experienced for the duration of a enjoy she attended. She describes the foreboding emotion she had just before attending the production, the strong details that activated the experience, and the emotional response that stunned her good friends.

I talk about Lydia’s experience, how senses this sort of as sound or smell can bring about a visceral response, and the particulars that detect a earlier-existence memory. I also discuss your capacity to distance by yourself from earlier-life reminiscences in the course of a earlier-lifestyle regression (to stop any soreness or panic). I also depth the gains of a regression in a managed surroundings. You will never want to miss out on Lydia’s compelling story and the unbelievable coincidences decades right after the experience that deepened her comprehending of what happened.

I like listening to from you, so remember to depart your remarks for the display on AfterlifeTV.com, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. If you have not picked it up yet, I believe you will like my latest e-book, The Magic Mala: A Tale That Will Modify Your Everyday living, introduced in May well, which presently has 87 evaluations — so verify it out on Amazon! And if you’re viewing the episode, I hope you take pleasure in Melissa’s gorgeous nature pics, all taken just lately. Warmest wishes, Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com & BobOlson.com

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  1. Thank you for this. Wonderful articulate guest. There are so many things this could be. For example we think of lives from one after another like chapters of a book. But what if- like chapters in a book it all exists simultaneously. And could it be that she was in fact a German soldier –and did not want to be a part of it. Or did and then learned better afterwards. ? And comes back in the form that she did being Jewish and marrying a German whose father was in the war. So many options. All very interesting. Seth talks about this kind of thing in Seth speaks. We have all been all things in our infinite lives .

  2. I've had a similar experience.. actually more than once but always triggered by the same situation. Not to the point of screaming out loud, but definitely some inexplicable force trying to pull me out and away from where I was. Nothing in this life time could account for it.

  3. Wow, thanks Bob for sharing Lydia's fascinating experience. I found it amazing that she experienced the electrocuting sensation around her body during her awake state. That has happened to me several times, but only when I'm either falling asleep or the moment I wake up. It's like my whole body is violently vibrating. And when this happens, I sometimes pop out of my physical body and start seeing beings around me. I even experience other lives, where I'm someone else and somewhere else. And sometimes when I wake up, I have this brief amnesia where I have no idea whose house I'm at. It used to freak me out because I thought I was going crazy. But after doing some research on this, I later learned a lot of people have experienced this. It seems like it has to do with shifting dimensions or realities. I used to be very afraid when the vibration starts to kick in, but I later learned to just relax and welcome the sensation, as I know I'm about to have a crazy experience. 🙂

  4. Such an enlightening episode and such great comments from everyone! I am particularly impressed with your thoughts Rosie. You suggest many equally plausible possibilities. Very interesting. Thank you. I will think on this . . .

  5. I dont have any trouble watching war movies, however during The Last of the Mohicans (1992), the scene was the siege of Fort William Henry.. i had to leave. It was literally weighing on me, oppressive, making me sick.

  6. Great show Bob. I really enjoyed it. Nature is indeed very lovely as is your sweet Melissa. I had two strange experiences about fifteen years ago I am guessing. They were both movies which I was watching by myself. The first was set in the 1800's. In it was a woman during in a Victorian house. She was walking up a flight of stairs. She then stopped to look at a photograph on the wall of a man who may have been in his 20's or so. I started crying for no reason. The second movie was set perhaps in the early 1900's. The movie is called "Like water for chocolate". I can't recall the scene now but it was nothing emotional. I on the other hand started sobbing which rather shocked me. I remember thinking, what the heck was that all about. Very strange.

    Thank you for all that you share Bob. Truly makes a difference.

    Blessings to you & all.


  7. Great show. When I was little, our main bathroom opened up to a bedroom that had to be walked through to get back to the living room. Every time I would come out of that bathroom, especially when the bedroom was dark, I felt compelled to check behind the door. Many years later a psychic told me I was once killed as I entered my dark hotel room by someone who had hidden behind the door. In this current lifetime I chose that someone to be my mother, so I could forgive her for what had happened. She just died last week. She had been very abusive to me during this lifetime, but I have completely forgiven her. Karmic circle ended….thank God!