I could see prayers as physical objects that were passing by | Near death experience | NDE

I could see prayers as physical objects that were passing by | Near death experience | NDE

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  1. I always liked to listen to this channel but know the way this woman reads it is difficult to listen to. She reads as if it doesn't interest her at all and as if she exhausted. It is not my style to be so unfriendly I am sorry for this. But I tried to listen to her again but every time I come to the same conclusion

  2. For crying out loud, was this a NDE story or of some poor woman’s medical condition? 98% of this video was concerning the woman’s medical condition and medical procedures in which the narrator didn’t know how to pronounce. If it’s not a robotic voice, it’s a narrator that seems disinterested and boring.

  3. I saw Heaven during my operation ,surgery. After I "died"I saw myself above my body and everybody trying to bring me back to life…i didn t want that….and i saw a light that aspired me…..At its end my grandparents were waiting for me, with all my deceased reatives and didn't want to go on Earth anymore. God told me it wasnt my time to go and I.ve told Him that i don t want to live anymore as i don t have a husband and kids, He smiled and with kindness told me that I will have 2 children: a boy and a girl…afterwards an inimaginabile force put my soul in my body… I don't know if this is a side effect of the anestezia, but this was my "dream"

  4. Although you have an American accent, you mispronounce many words, especially misplacing the emphasis within the word. You also emphasise and pauze at the wrong place in the sentence. This makes you difficult to listen to and understand. I am sorry, but this is not for you at this time.