What Causes the Hellish Experiences? | Kim Thompson Out of Body Experience Part 2

What Causes the Hellish Experiences? | Kim Thompson Out of Body Experience Part 2

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She Experienced A few Out of Body Experiences | Kim Thompson Out of Body Experiences | Heavenly and Hellish

This is section 2 of Kim Thompson’s Out of Body Experience story!
This is the hyperlink to component 1: https://youtu.be/VQBmhmzpCns

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  1. Great video as always! I loved what she said about "selfishness" and learning to get past the ego in our spiritual seeking (which, will ironically, bring us the happiness we seek). Anyway, it seems that her hellish experience was escapable. What I'm wondering is, sort of along the lines of Thomas Talbott and delusion.. in the next life, won't all delusions be gone since we're presumably then undeluded spirits? Or will some have an extended, yet escapable, hell? It was reassuring that as soon as she prayed the monster disappeared!;))

  2. It seems that she is trying to communicate that when she was in her NDE or OBE that she didn't feel that sense of control as we feel when ego drives us toward or away from something. She said it was like having no free will. Maybe she is trying to describe herself as simply an awareness without ego. I find this very interesting.

  3. These NDE interviews has given me a sense of curiosity, wonder, and adventure about the moment of my own death. I surely don't desire death, but as I ponder it more and more because of Mel's interviews I am not entirely afraid of it or avoid it in my thoughts.

  4. I love her bewilderment. She hasn't got enough information to pin it down. And she says words to that effect very candidly. St Teresa of Avila had an experience of hell. I can't understand it, but she says it was very beneficial.

  5. Great interview. Very thoughtful and I like how you two work on expanding our understanding of this huge mystery. She's really far ahead, too, makes me happy to see.

    I have this book called "Dancing past the dark" by Nancy Evans Bush, a woman who works for the IANDS I believe and had a distressing NDE. It's an interesting read because it solely tackles the subject of hellish/distressing NDE's. I also recommend it for anyone who is interested in deconstructing their traditional belief system. Myself, I am somewhat afraid of the prospect of experiencing something like that, but at the same time I think ultimately those experiences never happen for a "bad" reason. I guess just fearing GOD because "it" has the power to annihilate as much as it has the power to create is appropriate. We're meant to feel afraid, in a way. Fear is to a human like havin skin – it's embedded in our very existence. It can be a great teacher.

  6. I remember the Howard Storm account well because it touched me years ago. He did feel compelled to go with those demonic entities because he didn’t know yet he could wield power over them by being connected to our Creator. The name of Jesus stops demonic attacks, night terrors, sleep paralysis, and alien abduction experiences. We are in a spiritual battle. I don’t have it all figured out, but we are spiritual beings first having a human experience.

  7. It always seemed to me that people who expect to go to Hell create a Hellish experience for themselves. If you think you should go to Heaven you will have positive experiences. Everyone has done things they shouldn't have and regret but most people think they are actually good people.

  8. If anything I'd like to offer Kim is that she has a knowing that she can take credit for. Her experience is hers and there is a conviction in her way of being even if she say's she doesn't have it figured out. Not that I find anything wrong at all with where she's coming from. I find that sometimes ya have to bold enough to own your reality and stand there because it is truly for you, receive it! Great conversation again. The first vid was great as well.

  9. God can’t evolve, if we are talking about the creator, the God of the scriptures, Bible makes it clear as day, God is the same today, yesterday and forever….There is no evolving with God, he can’t, he’s the same…..and as far as hell goes, God does judge the righteous and unrighteousness, he doesn’t want anyone to spend eternity apart from hell, but we can be assured, he will be sending people to hell