After Dying From The Flu, Robin Had Total Recall Of Her Near Death Experience – Robin Richardson 94

After Dying From The Flu, Robin Had Total Recall Of Her Near Death Experience – Robin Richardson 94

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Today’s visitor is Robin Richardson. She is a certified psychotherapist working towards in Sarasota, Fl. She had a near death experience as a little one and she incorporates elements and knowledge of her near death experience in her practice. After her NDE she had complete recall of it.

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  1. I absolutely love this interview. Such an amusing experience and how greatly and gracefully she described it! I like the fact that you never interrupt your guest. I saw other podcasts which they have a great guest but they keep talking over them. God bless!

  2. Rubin does not appear to be 64 years old. She has integrated so well with her higher self that her DNA has changed the paradigm of today's low vibration society …
    I resonate 100% with her experience …
    By the way, there is another Robin Rechardson who also had an NDE.
    Thanks Jeff and try to interview her too …

  3. I had 3 ndes, killed by farm machinery at 7yrs, suicide at 17yrs, the scary one was using meditation to meet the universe at 25yrs. I accepted freedom completely not knowing if it would be the end of me, it wasn't, I was embraced by the universe and given back. Love is an energy as seats of awareness we can use, like electromagnetic energy its available at any eternal now for our use here. To believe in who you are is to separate yourself from God because the ego will need to be tended too. To believe in what you are is to become one with God, She, as your mother respects your birth into consciousness and your eventual return.

  4. When they say there are no words to explain that means they just don't have the vocabulary to explain it at this time.

    I think when she was the baby when she went out of her body she was the eternal soul not a baby & could understand things as an adult.

  5. I must admit I am having difficulty understanding/accepting this woman’s claims, especially relating to her ‘mastery of the universe’ as an infant. Mind is open, but acceptance is skeptical.

  6. My goodness! This lady's communication skills are magnificent! As she describes her journey, I can actually visualize it and feel it myself! Quite the experience to listen as she paints pictures with her words, and
    elicits feelings with her emotions!

  7. Totally awesome! I've listened to hundreds of testimonies and to me, this one is unique by the age the person had at the moment of her experience. The whole story (when she remembered having died in the basket and asked her mother about it) is extraordinary. Beautifully recounted also. Thank you Robin.