She Saw Her Future Daughter During Her Near Death Experience

She Saw Her Future Daughter During Her Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 382 is Victoria Sebanz who had a NDE experience at age 17. In the course of her near-death experience exactly where she encountered Jesus and 2 other beings. Victoria Sebanz is a visual artist , dancer and educator who gained 3 levels and has 30 many years of teaching experience. At an early age she had past life recall and astral experiences. She expert an NDE at the age of 17 in which she went House and was shown the start of her daughter, her parent’s everyday living stories and the threads that hook up us all. She documented her reminiscences by poems, artwork and dance but did not do any unique research so as to retain her personal tale pristine.

She revealed one e book of artwork and poetry named “She has a Penchant for Passion” that referenced some of these experiences. A series of shifts in 2017 which includes remaining frequented by ascended masters changed her concentrate. Now she is enhancing her second book, which is about her death at 17 and several of the synchronicities that rippled throughout above 40 yrs of her lifestyle. Her third guide will comply with, answering inquiries that have been requested of her as well as tackle how we can discover the attractiveness of who we genuinely are and awaken to our roles, tasks and passion in this pivotal time.

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  1. When I was 8 mos. pregnant with what turned out to be my son, I had a vivid dream of being led down a dark corridor by a “spirit guide”, or angel. I couldn’t see this beings face. I was brought into a dark room, and there sitting on a footstool, in a spotlight, was my son. He was a toddler in the dream. We recognized each other right away, and he was laughing at me, as if to say, “surprise”! And I laughed and said, “oh, it’s you”! And, yes, I had a boy, and he was definitely the same boy in the dream.

  2. I’m simply amazed when I hear some of the things that are said in these videos, as I’ve been taught these things my whole life in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Many people have prejudices towards the church (primarily due to defamation by individuals with their own objectives or interests), but the honest seeker will find the Church teaches so many of the same truths.  Victoria says…and the church teaches… 1)    While contemplating whether to return to earth, she is told she made promises before she came to earth, “These are the things you promised to do.  He showed me.  Do you want to break that promise?  This is something we agreed upon.”  Lorenzo Snow, prophet, taught in 1898, “When we lived in the other life we had no doubt some understanding with reference to our duties in this life…and very likely we put ourselves under certain obligations that we would discharge certain duties devolving on us when we came here…” 2)    Referring to the promises she made, “He flashed me something from before.”  Being shown something from “before” implies that she existed before she came to earth in some sort of premortal existence.  This seems to be why the place was so familiar to her and felt like home.  “I was drawn to the light.  It was familiar to me.  I was home.  I went home.”  Elder Joseph Fielding Smith taught, “In the pre-existence we dwelt in the presence of God our Father.”  Bruce R. McConkie taught, “…there is a God in heaven…We are his spirit children….We lived in the premortal life with him for an infinite period of time…”  Boyd K. Packer taught, “There is no way to make sense out of life without a knowledge of the doctrine of premortal life…When we understand the doctrine of premortal life, then things fit together and make sense.  We are the children of God, created in his image.  Our child-parent relationship to God is clear.”  Only two Christian denominations (out of 40,000) teach the doctrine of premortal existence- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Christian Scientists. 3)    Victoria spoke of a conscious awareness of differing levels or spheres.  She said there were, “other planes of existence…low frequency and higher and higher.”  She could see people, “traveling up and down these portals.”  James E. Talmage taught, “Graded Glories- That the privileges and glories of heaven are graded to suite the various capacities of the blessed, is indicated in Christ’s teachings.  To the apostles He said: “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”  He continued, “The…kingdoms of widely differing glories are severally organized on a plan of gradation…the innumerable degrees of merit amongst mankind are provided for in an infinity of graded glories.” 4)    She spoke about the animals and what we consider to be inanimate objects having a “pulse”.  Bruce R. McConkie taught, “Man and all forms of life existed as spirit beings and entities before the foundations of this earth were laid.  There were spirit men and spirit beasts, spirit fowls and spirit fishes, spirit plants and spirit trees.  Every creeping thing, every herb and shrub, every amoeba and tadpole…all things…existed as spirits, as spirit beings before the were placed naturally upon the earth.” 5)    She also mentions that when we come to earth there is a, “blanket of forgetfulness”.  This “blanket of forgetfulness” is very well-known in the Church.  Neal A. Maxwell taught, “We define the veil as the border between morality and eternity; it is also a film of forgetting which covers the memories of earlier experiences.  This forgetfulness will be lifted one day, and on that day we will see forever.” There are many, many more doctrines that directly correspond between NDEs and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  All are invited to COME and learn more:

  3. Thanks as always for these interviews. Amazing. A lot of things in this correlated with my own experiences too. I should also add a further thank you to Victoria for the specific thing about how each of us carries our own epic story but also that we don't have to worry that it isn't captured in stone, that we can let the stories go, that is really helpful for me, it's something I have a lot of gravity about, like I have to hang on to my stories, but as she says, they are already reported.

  4. Something is not quite fitting in this video. Although she is trying her best to bring out her NDE experience but it's not zipping together well feels bit overstretching; and the audio is very poor.
    But we commend her for her efforts to share her NDE for all the viewers.