Near Death Experience: Choir of Angels

Near Death Experience: Choir of Angels

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Dr. Lotte Valentin is an N.M.D., health care intuitive, ancestral healer, evidential medium, spiritual educator, an international keynote speaker and the author of Med Faculty after Menopause, The Journey of my Soul. Dr. Lotte had her to start with near-death experience in the emergency space in 1992, as she hemorrhaged twelve days right after the beginning of her third youngster and almost missing her lifetime. As a final result, she became deathly unwell with a severe blood problem and was walking a fantastic line amongst lifetime and death for the up coming a number of many years. In 1994, as she struggled to heal, she knowledgeable a next NDE. These spiritually transformative experiences of going to “the other side” remaining her with specified spiritual and psychic items and she was guided to grow to be a medical professional, creator and spiritual healer.

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  1. Very fascinating interview from the beginning to the end. I know we have free will, but if the future is able to be shown to us even if it is only 10 days in the future, then is our future already pre-planned.

  2. I do love hearing about your NDE but I feel I must clear up the medical information. I have been a paramedic and RN since 1984. It was just as likely to get an IV in an emergency room or if you were to call an ambulance in 1992 as it is in 2021. Many things change and improve in science and medicine as knowledge is gained and improved, thank god, but the protocol and criteria for starting an IV in a patient hasn’t changed over the years. It depends on how a person presents initially. People can present less critical initially and quickly deteriorate as you had experienced. Certainly symptoms can be missed and patients can not be taken seriously and that’s definitely frustrating. But my point is, the likelihood of getting an IV and the reasoning has not changed in the last 35 years of my medical experience.
    Thank you for sharing your story, it is very interesting.