Ingrid Honkala Near Death Experience! | She Had a Near Death Experience at Two Years Old!

Ingrid Honkala Near Death Experience! | She Had a Near Death Experience at Two Years Old!

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Ingrid Honkala Near Death Experience! | She Had a Near Death Experience at Two Many years Outdated!

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  1. Ingrid has the cutest accent! She is so playful in her approach to telling her story. I could listen to her everyday. Great interview Melissa. You're a very good listener and questioner. I look forward to seeing more of your interviews. I've heard Ingrid's account before but i forgot a lot about her account. I watch too many different NDE accounts i think LOL

  2. Satan and his angels can transform themselves into angels and beings of light. Remember he's the one that covereth god , he was the light barrier, don't be decived.
    This is major deception and I promise if you pray against it you will see the truth of what those beings really are. Remember this is spiritual warfare, don't you think the enemy would cheat his way to decive you?
    Pray against these in the name of Jesus our LORD , I tell you these things out of love and care, I rather you be mad at me and make it to heaven rather than stand before God almighty and he say "Depart from me ye who work in iniquity"
    This message is because I love everyone and I'm so sick and tired of the deception, wake up! Know the enemy and know what he can do and his tools and devices! He's a master liar since eons, don't you think he's had enough practice with human psychology????

  3. As fascinating as her story is I was left without clarity regarding her belief system.She mentioned Buddha and Light Beings, but she NEVER mentioned the name of JESUS or whether or not she had a connection with HIM which left me confused.We were warned in GOD'S WORD that NOT EVERYTHING that claims to be light is "true" light since satan can appear as a "being of light" deceiving mankind.It may "look good,sound good,taste good,smell good but that doesn't make it good".

  4. I drowned the same way when I was three years old. I don’t remember any of it, but the paramedics that brought me back to life say that I told them I saw Jesus and he is brown, plus I made comments about what he was wearing and things he told me. I say this because something she said really is familiar with my life experience afterwards with school. It was all easy to learn, not because I’m smart or anything like that. It was because I wasn’t learning it for the first time, I was remembering, just like she said. These videos help with the mortal fear that I have of dying, even though I have died before and seen, met and spoken with Jesus. Thank you for your work and the good you do to help others with their fear and faith and happiness. God bless you and all others! Much love