She Felt The Oneness of Everything During Her Near Death Experience

She Felt The Oneness of Everything During Her Near Death Experience

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Podcast Guest #180 is Jan Christenson. Jan experienced near death experience due to slipping and falling. In the course of her NDE experience she felt like she was floating in a tranquil room. She also experience a oneness with anything for the duration of her near-death experience

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  1. It seems that she perhaps just hadn’t been “out” as long as others; and that’s why she did not yet have a life review; or going to the nature place; or being greeted by relatives.,—because those who DO have these other experiences also have the dark, peaceful place experience and the pinprick of light experience rapidly growing brighter and closer AFTER the dark, peaceful place.

  2. Have to stop halfway because I'm going back to work, but…ohhh…this lady is so gentle and soothing I had to post a message.Beautiful way she has of explaining how she felt.Adored…and will come back to her later.Thank you both❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    PS:Jeff: could you please interview this beautiful soul every week???

  3. I wonder if storms (lightning) and the sun are conscious? Especially, since both are imperative to life. We need them to sustain life and to grow. Maybe the ancients who worshipped the sun and planets knew something we don’t…she made a point that flowers draw in bees for pollination without physical eyes and ears….they are intuned to the universe. They have a energetic conscious. Which brings me to electricity…on what frequencies does electricity vibrate on and is it conscious to some extent, or not…

  4. Jan, if this force was with you in childhood, I suspect an ancestral inherited demonic presence. It’s the energy
    you feel and the voices you internally hear. Save your soul from it taking you with them by trusting the real Jesus Christ who hath redeemed you from all sin and will give you immortality which God alone has unless we share in it by being in Christ. You don’t have to keep any laws because Jesus did it for you and when you are in him, his grade goes on your “paper”! Religion bad; faith in Christ; good!

  5. It would be hell on earth without the 10 commandments.. murder, steal, lie, commit adultery, worship fake gods, treat parents bad.. God doesn't care how we treat others..?? Of course. Just because many good people do not see hell does not mean it doesn't exist. It would be unfair for a good person to experience hell so be careful what you tell others that could mislead

  6. The Bible says God is light (energy) and in Him no darkness at all. Jesus teaching was that we and the Father are One. ONEness and immortality is the whole Message of Christ Jesus. Everything this lady said was scripture. Wonderful.