A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife | An In-Depth Interview with Eben Alexander

A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife | An In-Depth Interview with Eben Alexander

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Eben Alexander is an American neurosurgeon and author. His e-book “Evidence of Heaven – A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife” (2012) describes his near-death experience that occurred in 2008 in the course of a coma when he was treated for critical meningitis.

In this job interview, he talks about his experience and the considerably-achieving outcomes it had for his individual worldview, which was at first strictly materialistic.

00:00:20 What transpired to you in 2008 when you have been in a coma for 7 days?
00:13:00 Did you even now have a sense of becoming in individuality?
00:21:53 Memories are not saved in the mind …
00:26:05 You are saying that it is wrong that when the brain dies, consciousness goes?
00:28:48 What was your system of coming to a different perspective and point of view?
00:35:15 The “filter concept”
00:37:52 What transpires for the duration of shared death experiences?
00:41:05 Skeptical researchers have a total record of modes of describing how an NDE could occur about, these types of as electrical stimulation or medications. What is your perspective on those people arguments?
00:47:25 Why do you feel that many folks however perceive science and spirituality just about like a contradiction?
00:52:25 The researchers you are speaking with, are they also component of the mainstream of science and research?
00:57:30 Seems to get into a meditative state
01:01:44 What are the matters that interest you most at the minute?
01:04:17 Why do you believe healing takes place much more normally for the duration of NDE experiences?
01:07:33 Does reincarnation function all that considerably in NDE experiences?
01:10:03 Are you persuaded in beating the materialistic check out and science?
01:13:09 What are your designs for the foreseeable future?

Job interview: Jens Rohrbeck
Editorial contribution: Heike Funke
Editor: Werner Huemer

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  1. Jesus didn’t teach reincarnation he taught resurrection. There is a big difference between them. Reincarnation is coming back as something else and resurrection is being raised back to life as yourself in spirit without flesh and blood. No one with flesh and bones can enter heaven but your soul, which your conscience is part of.

  2. I Don't have more doubts
    We are millenary spirits
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  3. I don't know why I did the bad things I did, till I found out I had PDST when I got out of the Army, I'm not making an excuse, but in reality I'm not a bad guy, but I often wondered why.? as I get older, I pray to Jesus to forgive me, but I dont know if he will.? Cuz somethings I was really bad against my fellow. human beings. I just ask forgiveness as I'm in my 80's now & know I did bad things.

  4. interesting. how science intellects think they have aaaall the answers….but then when personal experience shows thete is something else…..We gotta honor the everyday persons. expetience as real. cause no one person has all the answers. ASÈ

  5. I have q difficult time believing the interpretation of man's ideas or beliefs concerning heaven and hell. I am curious why we dont have any NDEs of Hell or Hades. If there is a heaven there should be a hell? Or if there is no hell- then the afterlife should be a place where everyone goes. If we don't remember our previous lives what does it matter how we lived or sinned? We would simply be life force or energy becoming conscious in another realm- within a common language where color, race, language doesnt matter. Nor should age, gender, appearance, possessions or clothing or any shame, likes or dislikes etc. Why would we need clothes? Where would they come from, who made them and out of what? Where do they live? Who does the cleaning and work? Is food free? Would we even eat? Why would we wear clothing? Or need haircuts? Who would lead? Are there children and who cares for them? Do they age? Are their old ppl? Why? Hospitals? Cosmetic surgeons? Nail files? Popcorn? I know ppl want peace and to feel secure abt death. This life is like a purgatory for many. I just don't think the afterlife will be anything our simple human minds can come up with. I believe we are energy that goes back to the source and we get recycled after we are purified or deprogrammed. I doubt God or our creator allows anyone to remember anything about the great wonder. Not knowing is part of faith. Each time we live is a test that we must live no matter how long or short that test lasts. No one knows their scores bc we don't know for what we are being tested. Its different for each person bc we each are born into different circumstances with different variables. Pray. Be kind, generous, charitable, loving, gracious and non-judgemental. Be loyal to others and true to yourself.
    I've heard a lot of speakers and read a lot of works… some are near believable bc we want to know. But they leave me with more questions than answers. 3 things to think about when investigating validity of speakers or information: Logic. Intent. Personal background.

  6. Religion rebranded into something scientific to beguile people into giving them remuneration for their books and seminars while giving nods to their colleagues so you'll buy their stuff too. I mean had I a life changing experience coming from a place of oneness, benevolence, and love, and felt compelled to spread the word out of some moral obligation to the world…. I wouldn't try to profit of it, especially if I were already a rich doctor. I'd just explain it on a podcast that you can watch over and over again at your leisure free of charge. Imagine Jesus spreading the gospel with tidbits and teasers but if you want to hear his message in its entirety…. there is a door charge to hear the rest. What if he had dreamt this when he 1st collapsed just before slipping into a coma? Someone had to discover him, he wasn't on machines recording brain wave data at that time. Just another Ron L. Hubbard.

  7. People, Dr. Eben Alexander says within his book POH he knows the difference between fantasy, reality, and hallucination. He also states he had his identity and memory erased as a "special kind of NDE " and see's it as a "duty" to report to Science in efforts to merge Spirituality. Well on this note, I see it as a responsibility to report to Science that indeed POH matches a mystical fantasy precisely from the beginning of entanglement of roots and tree limbs of capture, to awakening to a perfect rainbow ending and ALL inbetween which is academia research fraud promulgation. It is also IMPOSSIBLE having matching editorials at the degree of complexity of abstract editorials which would only catorgorize as phenomena or Divinity impetus knowing this Impossibility. Dr. Alexander May 15, 2022 was sent a servicing of a Cease and Desist demand letter prepared by my attorney which interim he avoids contact with my lawfirm. A lawfirm shouldn't have had to be hired to do what Dr. Audette and Dr. Greyson should have done as "researchers" of what can be considered empirical evidence of Afterlife disciplinary in the form of a 2007 LOC copyright registry TXU001339077 proving no morphed altercations. . Dr. Alexander has avoided contact with me since Feb. 14, 2016 when I first learned of plagiarism. Proof of Heaven is fraud without a doubt this demand letter incorporates and for Dr. Alexander to contact Mark C.Johnson my attorney. Dr. Bruce Greyson and Dr. Audette of IANDS have also been served notification also by Mark Johnson to stop using Dr. Alexander in support of their research forums as a keynote speaker which is defined as Secondary contributory infringers within plagiarism law. When I first contacted IANDS, Dr. Audette deemed "a baseless claim " without asking for the editorial which can be considered empirical evidence of the Afterlife in the form of a copyright if Dr. Alexander is honest of his sabbatical Heavenly sojourn. Dr. Audette and Greyson are defined as Secondary contributory infringers whom support, condone, encourage and promote fraud for monetary gain, They all ignore the legal demand letter in addition wirh supporting evidence to stop academia research fraud promulgation using my editorial, "Heaven's Pen" without consent. All of these doctors are aware of fraud since Feb. 14, 2016 and have no concern of duplicate editorials of POH or impugning the veracity of this past frauds plagiarism turned into his fraudulent attestment of the Afterlife to end his finacial plight following the cessation of his medicall icense. . This no concern cavalier anomie displayed by the doctors is the reason I had to commence legal assistance to end their fraud in Heavens name reprehensibly. ALL of these doctors still are promulgators of academia research fraud promulgation learning pacifying the fear of death as a lucrative market which is a criminal Federal offense. Avarice they have clearly chosen against ethics. I have commenced Federal prosecution against all for wanton of intellectual property rights supported by the False Claims Act/Lincoln law, academia research fraud promulgation, and plagiarism for monetary gain. . Researchers, who are concerned of fraud can email me @ georgeclark69@yahoo.com for forwarding of legal documents which prove plagiarism and academia fraud promulgation.I also warn anyone using Dr. Alexander as z keynote speaker WILL BE PROSECUTED AS SECONDARY CONTRIBUTORY INFRINGERS. Dr. Alexander following the cessation of his medical license for fraud the same in the state of Virginia, was assisted by my writing partner, Dr. Neil Shulman, who is also the associate producer and author of Doc Hollywood/Michael J. Fox. Proof of Heaven is intellectual property theft and for educational integrity these fraud promulgating doctors need eliminated from furher reseach infested with fraud. If any researchers doubts me, I will forward the proof in forms of exhibit A. B, and C, prepared by my attorney without hesitation to get my intellectual property out of their criminal possession. POH is incontrovertibly fraud I warn to Secondary contributory infringers and will also be Federally prosecuted noting my copyrightis assailable to futher distribution. I am seeking a preliminary injuction before litigation. POH indeed matches a mystical fantasy precisely which Dr. Audette and Dr Bruce Greyson, Dr. Gary E Schwartz have kept surreptitious to the government as a monetary conflict. If a true researcher not influenced by monetary gain or business ties with Dr. Alexander want my legal work forwarded please contact me and let's end the fraud promulgation these doctors support for their own monetary gain without a concern of distorting educational integrity.

  8. Some of the strongest evidence ever brought forth on the reality of reincarnation (not involving hypnosis). Birthmarks, scars, and photographic evidence. A Civil War general’s reincarnation, plus a great story of a young boy, 9/11 and the reincarnation of a New York City firefighter who perished in one of the Twin Towers. The full story as told by the boy's mother on (and to me off) a popular Reincarnation Forum starting in 2007 up to the present day. The books full title, Fire in the Soul: Reincarnation from Antietam to Ground Zero. (Check out the author's site for two very well-done videos.)

  9. From the ancient text Srimād Bhâgvâd Gitā (3,000 BC): "I am everything. I am in everything, yet away from everything. There is NOTHING but "Me". I reside in everyone, yet away from everyone. There has never been a time when "I" have not existed, or "you" have not existed. I have no beginning, nor middle, nor end.
    The "Ātma" (soul or "consciousness") is neither your body, your brain, nor your thoughts. It is something away from these. This life force resides in the heart. The "Ātma" has no beginning, nor middle, nor end. It cannot be cut, burnt, harmed or destroyed. It is immortal. All Āatmas return to the the "Param-Ātma" (Super Soul or "Super Consciousness") when the Ātma leaves your body. "You", at your very core, are your Ātma. The Ātma changes bodies as you change your old clothes to new ones. It moves through space time, with it's eventual goal being "moksha" or salvation, an end from the cycle or birth & rebirth on this planet. Your Ātma ("you") is just a temporary, transient resident in your body. The Ātma is not matter born, like your material body, brain or thoughts. It is not bound by space or time. It is eternal & has always existed, and always will"

  10. I am from India and there have been many Yogis and still are who by going deep into silence get out of their bodies and go to different dimensions. The heaven that you mentioned, I am pretty sure it's just one dimension. I think you had no reach to other higher dimensions.
    We have 7 dimensions as said by our yogis and heaven is just dimension above the earth. You require intense practice, probably of many lives to reach the highest Dimension which is called Satya Loka.

  11. We have been saying and oue Yogis that OM is the God…
    Patanjali in his book Yogasutras says one should meditate on Om with focus on the 3rd eye.
    For how long you guys will keep ignoring and appropriating knowledge of our Yogis which they said thousands of years ago..

  12. Not only animals.. We share universal consciousness.. Of course we hindus have been saying these.. We don't need your HARVARD EDUCATED PSYCHOLOGISTS regarding this.. It's in our culture..
    We have been saying this our soul passes through different bodies.. Even of animals..